Lemon Presser

October 29, 2008

“Silicone lemon squeeze pouch. An innovative and functional design which will effortlessly add a touch of lemon to your dishes. As well as a useful kichen utensil it’s also an attractive table accessory which is simple and easy to use whilst dining.”

Extract from VINCO

Driade Orange Squeezer

October 2, 2008

Driade orange squeezer consisting of two half spheres and a core. Why don’t I see this in the market? It seems so wonderful…

Extract from Driade

Random pic of the week

July 21, 2008

Sexual suggestion or useful product… a juicer on a bar stool.

Metrokane L-Press Juicer

July 21, 2007


New Shape Of The Citrus Juicer. This Metrokane L-Press is the first new design for such a device in 10 years, and this one has a rack-and-pinion gearing, just like the steering on the finest sports cars. So get this, that means you can press down with 1,000 pounds of leverage using this sucker. So much metal, so little use…

Extract from metrokane


November 18, 2006

Just add lemon, squeeze and salivate. Squeeze lemon without squirting juice and pips in all directions. Contains pip retainer. Scented with lemon.

Looks a bit disgusting though… like a… … …

Extracted from Generate

Spin kitchen appliance

November 8, 2006


A series of kitchen appliances (juicer, blender and coffee grinder), all using a two speed motor that is embedded in the countertop. All appliances are easily connected to the base unit. Not really out of this world innovative but I like the simple form and graphic detail.

Extract from designboom