July 27, 2009

This battery operated automatic stirrer ensures your sauces and gravy don’t stick to the bottom of the pan. A British-patented design, it’s a hands-free, self-stirring device that allows you to get on with other tasks, keeping things moving smoothly until the job is done.
Made of stainless steel with heat-resistant silicone legs.

Extract from Lakeland


May 1, 2009

SmartFaucet is a tap with built-in face recognition technology that automatically adjusts the water pressure and temperature to your preferred settings. The touchscreen display even features widgets for at-a-glance access to eMail, appointments, and the outside temperature while LEDs illuminate the flow with temperature matching colors.

Extract from iHouse

Mypressi Twist

April 30, 2009

“The mypressi TWIST is a portable espresso machine. It produces quality espresso while giving espresso lovers convenience and portability. The TWIST’s unique pneumatic engine also ensures you can enjoy incredible coffee even where there is no external power. Just add hot water… ”

The portable espresso maker is powered by using a pressurize cylinder to power the shot with constant pressure all the way through the extraction cycle. It uses fresh espresso or an ESE pod in the holder, add water, and pull the shot. The CO2 cartridge does the rest, offering a 9-bar pressure across the entire shot. Each cartridge lasts for about 8 shots of espresso.
For something more manual try Handpresso. So which is better?

Extract from mypressi

Moby Spout Cover

March 15, 2009

“Moby is a spout cover that brightens up the bath while keeping baby’s head safe from bumps. Its sleek design includes an adjustable fin strap that fits snugly on most tub spouts, and a tail that’s also a handy hook, so MOBY can hang around when bath time’s done.”

Extract from Skip Hop

Message Toaster

February 16, 2009

This toaster incorporates a little message board where one can read quick notes. The message also gets “toasted” into the toast itself.
Now you have new way of leaving a message like
“…honey, I left the car headlight on last night, so now the car won’t start anymore, here’s a toast for you so you have the energy to walk to work today…”

Of course, it will taste better if the bread is really toasted too.

Extract from Yanko Design

Veuve Cliquot : Dry Blizzard

February 14, 2009

The concept “Dry Blizzard” is a study of style and a new technical approach to an ice bucket for champagne Veuve Cliquot.

Using dry ice at the bottom to maintain the cold. A battery operated sytem is used to create a current of cold air around the bottle to allow champagne tasting at an ideal temperature while eliminating the usual water dripping.

Equally innovative is the double walled glass with an aluminum foot that keeps the champagne cool while holding and drinking.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Extract from TrendsNow

Küppersbusch Induction Wok

February 12, 2009

The Küppersbusch Induction Wok Cooktop was introduced in 2003…  it uses electromagnetic induction to prepare food faster while saving more energy, employs Sensor-Touch controls (no knobs) and innovative Glass Ceramic surfacing, features Child-Safety Lock and Pan Detection, is so easy to clean and comes with the Wok.
So why don’t I see it in the chinese market? Is it because of the price tag of USD 3500 or it’s being sold in an American market or it still does not answer the chinese way of cooking (flame makes a good taste) or the chinese prefers their own light and rusty wok?

Extract from Küppersbusch

+Shifter Faucet

January 14, 2009

+Shifter faucet designed for car enthusiasts. It can be used to change people’s behavior. so as to achieve the purpose of water conservation.

Extract from Yanko Design

Toasty Charger

December 18, 2008

Slide your lithium ion battery into the slot, push the handle down and wait for it to pop back up again just like toasting bread… great!…

Extract from Yanko Design

Recycle PET Bottles

December 11, 2008

This christmas, makes some recycled products for your friends…
This should be suitable for the Singapore parents. We used to see this bottles being used as school water bottles until the day a health warning was publicized. See what else you can do with your kids this school holiday.


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