Octocube Radiator

May 14, 2008

Octocube is an interesting approach to modular radiators ending up looking like a cube brain made of piping…

Extract from Vivien Muller


designer’s own words:
To design a radical radiator means to conceive a discontinuity in common sense. I focused on my will to take the fireplace back to it’s roots. Phoebe is an electric radiator, consisting of lamellar sections and a heating core. You just plug it wherever you need, maybe next to your favorite armchair while you read a book, maybe in the garden during a romantic dinner in November. Or you just look at it and meditate on why you can accept an undercover central heating.

Extract from designboom

Radiator Sculpture

February 17, 2007

Gone are the days when radiators must look like intestines… Now can can look like works of art on the wall and the switch is also nicely made to look like part of the whole.

Extract from Marco Dessi