Breffo Spiderpodium

October 15, 2010

Quite a while back, when I saw something similar to this in a shop holding a dummy handphone, in my mind it goes “yet another gimmick”. This show how uncreative I am in the imagination department or maybe I am just not inspired by the look.

When I saw this in Crave, I thought this thing is going to solve a lot of problems! The Spiderpodium consists of eight flexible, rubber-coated wire arms protruding from a rubber center. These arms can be bent and posed in pretty much any direction, orientation, or shape and will hold their position. Aside from your imagination, the Spiderpodium’s other limitation is the weight of the gadget being held, but again it depends on your imaginative mind to think how it is going to hold your stuffs.
Gonno get one or maybe 2!

Extract from breffo

Handcrafted walnut and white acrylic butterfly necklace and jewellery hanger. Hanger doesn’t have to be a hook…

Extract from Etsy

Wall Mounted Organizer

November 28, 2007

Studio Manzano’s CORRIDOR collection of metal wall mounted organizers for keys, gadgets and phones. Organize your junk, your wires, cell phones, mail, and all that other crap you threw on the table when you get home from work.
I do that too with my magnetic shelf from Ikea…

Extract from Studio Manzano

Drop Hook

August 24, 2007


A solid smooth translucent hook that comes in a wide range of colors. 6×8.5×4.5cm Urethane resin. What’s good? Looks safe enough to bang your head on it…

Extract from Fproduct

Photo Hook

June 20, 2007

I always thought the typical his and her segregation was about blue and pink or just the word his and her. But this here photo hook makes it more personal. Slide a passport sized photo behind the frame to create your very own personalized photo hook.

Extract from Generate


April 23, 2007

The Load-ding, it acts as a hammock to keep your small electronics from falling to their death while hanging from oddly-placed outlets and charging. Simple.

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Hook Box

February 8, 2007

Small inventions like the Hook Box can make a big difference in your quality of life. Mount these ceramic hooks to the wall, and immediately have a place to hang your coat with a small storage bin just above, a container for things you’ll need to grab or get rid of when you get in and out of the house such as keys, sunglasses and your wallet. Actually its a bloody big hook! I like it!

Extract from Luca Nichetto

Rocket Fishing Rod

January 31, 2007


As if fishing is not muscle degenerative enough sitting by the lake the whole day without moving an inch…

The Rocket Fishing Rod eliminates the need for casting out and incorporates a mechanism which fires out hook, line and sinkers within a unique and patented capsule that will double as a float when in the water, alerting the user when a fish is biting the bait. The only effort now is to reel in  for retrieval of line with or without fish.

Extract from gadgetshop

Orchid Clothes-hooks

January 22, 2007


Orchid is a set of clothes-hooks, the petals bent so that articles can be hung from them. This is a product in the sphere of emotion, refinement, poetic beauty and harmony. As such, it can also be simply decorative and give rise to floral combinations.

Beautify a plain wall even when not used as hooks…

Extract from charlottelancelot

Sucker “Hook”

November 28, 2006


So simple… so rubbery… one piece molding. Pushing in the ball creates the suction necessary to become a wall hook.

Extract from retromodern