Hide and Show

December 21, 2008

Hide and Show Clothing framework turns your clothing into part of the furniture’s aesthetic.
“In daily life, clothes are spread out across the room or disappear behind closet doors. “Hide & Show” transfers the colors and aesthetics of fabrics into an element of interior design. Like a frame, the furniture embraces the garments, emphasizing the color play and at the same time hiding chaos and protecting the clothes. Depending on season or one’s personal clothing preferences, the cabinet changes its appearance – therefore no one closet is like the other.”
Simple and yet it brings life to a room… nice.

Extract from Judith Seng


Loop Wardrobe

September 15, 2008

When I looked at the title and then this picture, I ask “what wardrobe?”

Extract from Daily icon

Chair Wardrobe

January 22, 2008

Many times we have found ourselves in a restaurant or cafe without a secure place to hang our jackets or hand bags. We will hang our belongings uncomfortably across the back of our chair for the world to see.
The “Chair Wardrobe” is a design concept by Erohina Yulia that allows for the outside of the chair to appear as a normal chair, but the secret is the inside storage for your items. The design is made of two different colored plastics signifying the double features of the chair.

Extract from Yanko Design

Dama TV Wardrobe

November 29, 2007

Dama TV wardrobe is equipped with a sliding and projecting door, 100 mm thick, with an integrated television able to slide even when the screen is on. The connecting wires go through the inside part of the door;in such a way, the structure avoids any obstruction in the inside of the wardrobe… woo… I like…

Perfectly integrated with the projecting door, the connecting cables run along the inside of the door,then on the top of the wadrobe.This avoids adding useless clutter to the inside of the wadrobe which can be fitted as desired.

Extract from Presotto

Not Only White

August 3, 2007


This is an infinitely customizable wardrobe, one that disappears behind the walls and integrates perfectly with the interior architecture of the home.

It is characterized by an innovative approach to color and a system that is so flexible and versatile that it matches the exact measurements of any desire. It is not a simple modular system, but a product that achieves a perfect fit between the visualized dream and the realized solution.

Extract from LAGO