January 20, 2009

This CD stand concept is inspired by the famous “cover flow” user interface in Apple’s digital iTunes media player application, displaying your choice albums in the now universally recognized format.

Extract from Yanko Design

Wall Mounted Organizer

November 28, 2007

Studio Manzano’s CORRIDOR collection of metal wall mounted organizers for keys, gadgets and phones. Organize your junk, your wires, cell phones, mail, and all that other crap you threw on the table when you get home from work.
I do that too with my magnetic shelf from Ikea…

Extract from Studio Manzano

Sticky Tray

August 25, 2007

Made with 2 different materials, the rubber dots will retain cups and glasses in position whether the Tray is in movement or tilted. Very efficient for use on boat, on the bed or on any unstable surfaces.

Extract from Fproduct

Nevermind the fact that this thing is straight-up fugly. Here’s a great example of an object that’s been designed with a direct function in mind. Whether you just cleaned out IKEA or actually work in a shop, this Magwear magnetic wrist band surely won’t disappoint…but for USD18, you will wish there was at least some kind of ergonomic wrist-hugging curve or a more thought-out band or something. But at the least, you won’t go nuts looking for bolts.

Extract from UncommonGoods