Vegetables 3D

July 28, 2009

The vegetable 3D  are organic products such as a bowl, a vase, plates, made from a variety of 100% dried vegetables and fruits. All the materials are fully eatable, 100% biological disposable and tasty.

It is recommended for use indoors. When the material is in a high-humidity environment, the material becomes weaker and more flexible. In a constant high-humid environment, or when the material gets wet, the material will perish thus not suitable for places like Singapore.

I can imagine it being used for picnics and home buffets, less waste, more food.

Extract from Geke Wouters


Random pic of the week

September 10, 2007

You can make houses using bricks, wooden logs, cement, ice, mud, steel… depending on your resources around you and your environment. So what happens if you are in the dumps or have a lack of building materials…

Handful Of Plates

July 20, 2007

Ever been in the middle of a great conversation at a party when you suddenly realize that your canapés have rolled off the flimsy paper plate you’re holding? AMT has a solution: pre-folded, natural-colored ceramic plates that are easy to hold and keep food and utensils in place. Each set of three includes different curve extremes: the “taco shell” fold is perfect for eating, while flatter plates are better for serving. Food looks extra especially delectable when displayed on–or in–any of the plates.

Extract from Alissia

Animal Dish

April 20, 2007

It looks so real, I don’t feel like eating anything from the plate… gross…

Extract from Jongeriuslab

Random pic of the week

January 8, 2007

Tired of washing your dishes… or maybe frustrated by that stubborn stain… These cups and dishes raises stain to the level of art with images in the colour of coffee and chocolates but then, when do you know that its clean or is that not a real coffee stain….