Something of a great invention for the cinema/movie industry… if its bigger…
South Korea ushers in a new era of snack portability with this mashup of drink cup and food container that holds popcorn chicken up top and a cold drink in the bottom.
The Col-Pop is the brainchild of BBQ Chicken, a South Korea–based fried chicken chain that has recently set its sights on worldwide chicken domination.

Extract from Serious Eats

Onanism Cups

January 25, 2008

Adult toy maker Tenga has unveiled their “New Adult Concept” lineup of “onanism cups” that offer male users five “never before experienced sexual sensations.” Choose from the Deep Throat Cup, Soft Tube Cup, Rolling Head Cup, Air Cushion Cup, and the invigorating Double Hole Cup. The devices are disposable, and Tenga stresses that you shouldn’t be using them repeatedly by “rinsing them out.” Hmmm… The devices are available in Japan only starting at 1500 yen (SGD20).

Extract from Tenga

I Am Not A Paper Cup

January 25, 2008

Double walled porcelain cup with silicone top. Eco-friendly and reusable. Dishwasher safe. This product retails at approximately USD20/piece. Business opportunity from fads…

Extract from Dci

Tea Code

December 1, 2007


A tea cup with a button to wind your tea bag string around. A silicone button – coming with three colors – allows you to attach your tea bag. It’s also pretty smart that the cup has two layers, it allows the heat to dissipate a lot better than on a single walled cup, eliminating the need for a handle.

Extract from Charles and Marie

Recycling Candle Holder

November 10, 2007

From RICE Design, this candle holder not only holds candles but is a ‘candle production machine’ collecting the wax to be used again…. hmmm… where’s the wick?

Extract from rice-design


October 30, 2007

The external surface of the cup is printed with a second layer of heat sensitive ink that is revealed when hot water is poured into the cup.

Extract from adsoftheworld

Everyday Sunday

September 4, 2007


Niina designed Everyday Sunday, a set of beautiful cupholders for plastic cups. Niina about the philosophy behind her design: “Using disposable cups is common in hotels. Extending their function to a more specified and dignified level is my comment for a more playful way of living. Everyday Sunday is a plastic cup holder, which customizes a plastic cup for different situations by creating an illusion of authenticity”.

Extract from Helsinki Hotel

A landscape built with disposable plastic cups… It’s an impressive installation.

Extract from Pace Wildenstein

Water is Blue Cups

July 20, 2007


Straightforward, fun design! Fill it up with cold water and watch it turn bright blue.

Extract from Generate

The Smart Lid system was developed to save your lips and tongue from being burned by hot coffee (and retailers from lawsuits) by turning red when it’s “too hot” to drink. It also tells you whether the lid is properly sealed by showing a broken rim line where the lid isn’t attached.

Extract from Smart Lid Systems