Flavour Power

July 18, 2009

Spice containers inspired by flowers.

Extract from Karina Marusinska

Tea Press Cover

July 8, 2009

Tea bag press for any kind of cups or glasses. Made of teak wood for water-resisting ant high temperature protection.

Extract from Denis Belenko

Coffee Cup

June 9, 2009

The project “Form Follows Data” is a data sculpture project based on the exploration of the formal language of personal statistic data embedded in everyday objects by Iohanna Pani.
I imagine a terrain where water flows through… high and low… leaving behind residues…

Extract from carbonmade

I thought a fly printed on the urinals was intersting and uniquely useful… Is this opposing or more attractive to the user?

Extract from Tasarım

Cadarache Cups

January 30, 2009

Cups designed to look like a nuclear station chimney, but to me, it seems to integrate a cup and a saucer and saves all the hassles.

Extract from TRUST

Biscuit Lid

January 13, 2009

“Biscuit Lid is a round soft shell cover that keeps the coffee warm, and his ‘belly bounced as he dips into the coffee’. This cookie called the ‘duck’ and we like to soak him in the cup.”

Extract from Florence Doléac

Tea bag Coffin

November 24, 2008

“Where Do tea bags go to die?. Usually squashed on the side of the saucer next to the cup, or if you have a little less decorum the table will probably be just fine. Jonas Trampedach has been observing the behaviour of tea drinkers and has evidently been learning a lot. Consequently he has developed a solution to the bag dilemma that is as simple as it is ingenious. With the ‘Tea bag Coffin’, the drinker can tidily bury the bag under the cup and out of the way. RIP.”

Extract from Yanko Design

Garbage Lamp

September 5, 2008

Made of used, compulsively collected polystyrene drinking cups.
So nice… something that i would have thrown away…

Extract from Coroflot

Coffee Bag

June 1, 2008

Physically more attractive, more stable since you are using the cups’ base instead of the box, less materials used, easy to handle, have space for paper napkins and advertising… it deserves an award.

Extract from sinn-frei

En terrasse

May 25, 2008

Different ways to drink coffee. The hypothetically saucer become the cap of the cup.
Actually the present disposable cup can already do this but this one looks a bit cuter…

Extract from Laurent Corio