Vegetables 3D

July 28, 2009

The vegetable 3D  are organic products such as a bowl, a vase, plates, made from a variety of 100% dried vegetables and fruits. All the materials are fully eatable, 100% biological disposable and tasty.

It is recommended for use indoors. When the material is in a high-humidity environment, the material becomes weaker and more flexible. In a constant high-humid environment, or when the material gets wet, the material will perish thus not suitable for places like Singapore.

I can imagine it being used for picnics and home buffets, less waste, more food.

Extract from Geke Wouters


“This bowl is meant to enhance the user’s dining experience and awareness through a subtle play on balance. Filling the bowl with food causes the bowl to balance in a standard, horizontal position. As the food is eaten, the bowl slowly rocks back towards the user, making the remaining food more accesible and marking the end of the meal.”

Extract from coroflot

Random pic of the week

September 24, 2007

Fishbowl take away. To carry your fish friend with you outdoors. By the designer Michal Shabtiali from Israel made this product for “kids with divorced parents”

So unique but so sad…

Random pic of the week

September 10, 2007

You can make houses using bricks, wooden logs, cement, ice, mud, steel… depending on your resources around you and your environment. So what happens if you are in the dumps or have a lack of building materials…

BlackHoney Fruit Bowl

August 22, 2007


Manufactured and distributed by Materialise, this bowl is made of epoxy resin using stereolithographic 3-D printing. “The final form is a contrast between hard and soft,” says Levy, who made the honeycomb pattern slightly irregular to give the sensation of a living biological material. “If you put an orange in the bowl, you have the feeling the bowl is going to eat it.”

Extract from Materialise


August 2, 2007

The LightBowl rethinks the notion of a container, replacing the contents for a common bowl with light. The use of the bowl form, a fundamental shape in all of our psyches, enables this object to project deeper meanings onto its use than its mere function.
I thought it was for the purpose of directing light and alternative placement of lighting…

Extract from TODA


A placemat ingeniously molded to hold a feeding or water bowl. The molded shape creates a suction keeping it from slipping while lifting the bowl high enough for doggie to eat. Although it’s just a concept, I’m amazed no one has thought of this yet. The design makes cleanup a cinch.

Extract from Yanko Design