Random pic of the week

June 15, 2009

Barbie Foosball! Barbiefoot combines the iconic doll with table football, on one side it uses barbie’s pink, frilly world and on the other its uses the predominantly male world of table soccer.

It was created in partnership with mattel brands consumer products and babyfoot bonzini to stimulate thoughts about different mentalities and the pre- digested everyday ideas we commonly face.

Extract from designboom


Coffee Cup

June 9, 2009

The project “Form Follows Data” is a data sculpture project based on the exploration of the formal language of personal statistic data embedded in everyday objects by Iohanna Pani.
I imagine a terrain where water flows through… high and low… leaving behind residues…

Extract from carbonmade

Box Pig

June 2, 2009

Box Pig 2 is a chair with teeth, or a table with teeth, or whatever you want it to be. It’s just feels like a very nice thing to have in the house…

Extract from joyengine

Leaves Coffee Table

May 30, 2009

A series of five identical “leaves” are defined together with the shape of a flower. These elements are articulated, without the need for glue or rivets, for simple assembly and transport.

Extract from A criação

Hoodies Bones

May 16, 2009

The Hoodies are a characterful salt and pepper set made in ceramic. With the characterful Bones, the eyes become the pouring holes. Small and intricately etched skull faces hide behind the main face detail. The Hoodies are best suited to coarse ground pepper.

Extract from vitamin

“This bowl is meant to enhance the user’s dining experience and awareness through a subtle play on balance. Filling the bowl with food causes the bowl to balance in a standard, horizontal position. As the food is eaten, the bowl slowly rocks back towards the user, making the remaining food more accesible and marking the end of the meal.”

Extract from coroflot

I thought a fly printed on the urinals was intersting and uniquely useful… Is this opposing or more attractive to the user?

Extract from Tasarım