Tubo Chair

September 5, 2008

“Designed to be part of different scenarios, such as breakfast in a garden, dinner on a loft, or even in a bathroom, to help recovery patients to take a bath.
Tubo is a collection of eight tubular furniture made of stainless steel which because of their physical structure perform perfectly in outdoors and indoors situations.

This table and seats were designed with a single line, which has a beginning and an end, and without knowing the difference; it is never broken, giving form to the entire Tubo Collection.”

Extract from BehanceNetwork


Zip Stool

August 22, 2008

This rice straw is used to make an eco-friendly furniture called “Zip”. Using a belt that normally used to stabilized boxes or furniture when moving out, it strap and compressed the rice straw into a bundle and cut the top of the rice straw to make a nice stool.

Open burning of rice straw after harvesting is a common practice in certain Asian country so this actually solves a pollution problem.

Extract from designzen

Random pic of the week

July 21, 2008

Sexual suggestion or useful product… a juicer on a bar stool.

Paper Tea House

April 6, 2008

A tea house made out of paper and cardboard by Shigeru Ban will offered with pre-sale estimate of £20,000 – 30,000.
The tea house, constructed of square paper tubes, is a structure designed for indoor use measuring just over 5 meters long. Housing a table and four stools, the house also features a waiting area with a bench in keeping with tea ceremony practice.

Extract from Dezeen

Casulo Mobile Living

February 14, 2008

This design idea won the Abraham & David Roentgen Award last year. You actually get a desk, bed, shelves, dresser, and some other random boxes in the package.
This will be a great idea for the tsunami victims…

Extract from Casulo

These products are among more than a hundred designed by students from the Industrial Design program at the University of the Republic of San Marino and the IUAV Design program at the University of Venice. They have been working on projects involving natural fibres and artisans in Bangladesh and Vietnam, in a fair trade setting. The focus is on “Design Beyond the Borders of Development” and is led by a group of academics, architects and designers. The results are a combination of functional modern aesthetics and traditional design.
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Extract from UNIRSM-IUAV

Calla Chair

July 24, 2007


The Calla Chair named for the lily that is its inspiration is a high chair that telescopes outward to bring your child closer as you spoon out the yucky baby food…

Extract from Callachair