Gaudi Stool

August 21, 2009

The Gaudi Stool benefits from the beam-grid substructure-style that support its thin carbon fiber shell. Rapid-prototyping techniques employed in its manufacture ensures that the cost of production stays minimum, thus making it a viable project.

Extract from Yanko Design



July 17, 2009

Monarchy is a rocking stool that  is designed not to be overturned but at the same time allows the user to escape the dullness of the ultimate stability.

Extract from TOTONKO

Box Pig

June 2, 2009

Box Pig 2 is a chair with teeth, or a table with teeth, or whatever you want it to be. It’s just feels like a very nice thing to have in the house…

Extract from joyengine

Circa 15th Century

May 12, 2009

“The stool refer to classical shape in Europe of the 15th century “Renaissance”. There are “old and new” “abstract and embodiment” “ornament and anti-ornament” “reality and unreality” in it.”
So surreal… very nice.

Extract from Kochi Architect’s Studio

Big Scrubber

May 10, 2009

Seat that looks like a big brush. Solid English ash top, supported by 16 bunches of willow canes. The canes bend very slightly which helps the sitter’s comfort and posture.

Extract from Hen & Hammock

Banba Stool

April 11, 2009

Banba design by Tomita Kazuhiko is the stool that looks like a planter box for balcony or pool-side where it does look ideal for. The volumized fabric on top is comfortable and useful for picking up the lid.

Extract from a+.29

My Deer

October 15, 2008

My Deer is a fully functional simple stool… and when not in use, hang it on the wall, and it looks like a deer head!

Extract from Jeroen Wesselink