Random pic of the week

November 24, 2008

This pillow case is built for pillow fights!

My Beating Heart Pillow

April 25, 2008

“The My Beating Heart Pillow is a soft, huggable heart with a soothing heartbeat to help you relax, meditate, and take delicious naps. You can feel the heartbeat, which is not simply a recording, but a carefully designed rhythm which gradually changes and was modeled after the heartbeat in a meditative state. Our heartbeats naturally sync when close to others, and are comforted by the feeling, like when holding a pet or loved one.”

Extract from elsewares

Glo Pillow

April 21, 2008

The glo Pillow is an alternative to the traditional alarm clock. The pillow uses an LED fabric substrate below the surface to wake the user using light. This substrate also functions as a display, showing the time on the pillows surface using the grid of LEDs below.
40 minutes before the pre-set alarm time the pillow begins to glow and gently brings the user out of sleep. This natural waking process helps to set the circadian rhythm or “body clock” and results in more healthy sleep/wake patterns.
I have one too… It glows true the curtain before 7am every morning… but I am still tired…

Extract from embryo

3-Dimensional Textiles

September 27, 2007


Anne Kyyro Quinn is a London based company that specialises in 3-dimensional textiles constructed with unusual material applications.  The collections are produced by bold manipulations of thick felt creating highly textural and sculptural surfaces. With a vast colour range to choose from all items can be custom made to clients’ requirements.

Anne Kyyro Quinn’s 100% wool felt structures have high acoustic properties, making them ideal to be used as wall panels and room dividers in public reception areas, restaurants, bars and hotels.

The company also offers a standard range of interior products such as modular wall panel systems, window blinds, cushions, throws, bedspreads and table runners.


Extract from Anne Kyyro Quinn

Gumnetic Chewy Pad

September 23, 2007

This cushion is made from mixture of recycled chewing gum and bio resin. Varying ratios of the mixture enable different material characteristics to be achieved. This Chewy Pad takes on the charcteristics of memory foam and is designed to provoke sustainable and educational opportunities when it comes to the recycling of chewing gum.

Extract from Anna Bullus

Laser cut neoprene molded to form the ‘airflow’ cushion structure.
For the light fitting itself, it is held in a plastic cylinder and encased in a rubber foam structure. The structure is squashable which is a protective feature for the light fitting and adds a great tactile appeal.

Sensual materials

Lauren Moriarty designs and manufactures products which explore the potential of pattern, materials and 3-dimensional textiles. “Femine interiors are about more than pretty pastels and traditional floral prints, while patterns and colour is important. The simple sophistication of white is also appealing, with textures like lace and pleats adding interest. Sensuality is the key so choose tactile and intriguing materials that cast beautiful shadows.”


Her Noodle Block range of lighting, cushions and interior cubes came from a fascination for the effects that can be created when a pattern is put into repeat. Each structure can be squashed and bounces back to its original form. These are products with great visual and tactile appeal.

Extract from lauren moriarty

Random pic of the week

July 16, 2007

“Pillowig” is hand made wearable pillow comforting trieness of people in daily lives, enabling users to sleep comfortably whenever and whenever they’d like. When user test is done in public spaces – subway, airplane, library, class room and laundromat, viewers commented: “I would like to have it for my trip.”, “Very funny.” “This is practical, but a laugh, too.” 50 limited editions were made and sold 47 pieces at the exhibition of the work and gained “Pillowig” fans. Two months later fans did a group performance piece at the Old Palace, Seoul.

Extract from Pillowig

Pebble Pillow Natural

May 28, 2007


Composed of cotton terry material the Pebble rugs and pillows have a surprisingly natural look. It almost feels that it hurts to lay down on it…

Extract from Ambient Collection

Random pic of the week

April 23, 2007

Fresh fish… or fresh blood… take your pick. What do they have in common? Both will smell if they are real, and both are equally comfortable to sleep on…

Cushion Control

April 22, 2007

A new generation of remote controls: a bunch of different cushions each having its own function: one for the channels, one for the power, one for the volume and so on. These remote controls can be thrown around, transforming the fights over “who has the remote” into playful cushion fights.

Extract from Didier and Nicholas