A cross between a fridge magnet and a digital photo frame… Digital picture frames are getting popular over the months, and a fridge magnet has been around since before I was born… Sooner or later, this should have been expected.
You can have cycling 66 pictures of all the family members with this 2.4-inch LCD screen, 32MB memory, 11 hours of pics from the USB-rechargeable battery and a built-in clock display. £29.99

Extract from Thumbs Up (UK)

The concept Samsung SS700 designed by Jin Woo Han takes the two great things about digital photography and simplifies them – quickly snapping pictures and showing them off. The slim profile is undercut by a large round barrel for easy gripping. There aren’t any buttons of menu settings to fuss with it. The camera does all the thinking for you. All you do is point and shoot.


The screen is large and bright enough to act as a display and with a built-in kick stand, just set it on top of your side table for the family to enjoy.

Extract from Yanko Design

Photo Hook

June 20, 2007

I always thought the typical his and her segregation was about blue and pink or just the word his and her. But this here photo hook makes it more personal. Slide a passport sized photo behind the frame to create your very own personalized photo hook.

Extract from Generate

This printer design concept is thin enough to hang on the wall like a picture frame, or you can prop it up on a tabletop. When you’ve printed your page, it displays it for you right there as if it were a work of art. Push the printed paper out the slot on the side, and you’re good to go.
Its wireless… but where’s the power coming from?

Extract from ransmeier & floyd


March 7, 2007

Cubisto is a revolutionary framing system that allows you to display cherished items and collectables in a unique new way. The idea is to sandwich an object between the two sheets of ultra-stretchy transparent material within each Cubisto block. Simply pull the block apart, pop in your item of choice and snap back together. Hey presto, your favorite 3D object appears to be floating in mid-air.

Extract from firebox

Steel sheet, laser cut and powder coated… almost digital, almost Rococo… fully art… 100% style.

“se non hanno pane – che mangino brioche” – a series of products that blend rococo opulence with digital austerity. A project about how upon a closer look, one becomes confronted with his own preconceptions. Series composed of coffee table, picture frame and wall sconces, floor lamp, and torchiere.

Extracted from Nude Evidence


What’s different as compared to so many in the market?

Warmth, traditional… the others look like high-tech plastic that just doesn’t fit in the house…

…and intelligence. This one automatically changes the picture when you turn the frame, and has the ability to send pictures to it via email. It also has a touchscreen for easier editing, and lets you expand pictures across two or more frames. I like it a lot! When can I buy one?

Extract from Philips