When the fireplace is lit, it appears that fire is escaping through a slit in the primitive black stainless steel stove setting. When the fire is unlit the interior of the slit is finished in a fiery red. The company, Safretti, is concerned to make sustainable design furniture through careful craftsmanship – this is an innovative design that will last and last.

Extract from Safretti

Electroscape Fireplace

March 1, 2008

Electroscape fireplace utilises cutting edge LED circuits with single and multiple colour options. These can be controlled and mixed using a remote control handset. An optional 2kw heater is available as part of the design, or as a separate element.
The feeling is a bit strange having multicoloured heat… At £1,600, very hot though.

Extract from platonic fireplace company

LCD Fireplace

February 3, 2008

Its looks like an LCD TV, it warms your feet… it looks real, imagine if this thing can be transparent all over, it may just blend into the wall and look so nice…

Extract from Hammer Price

Vauni Globe is the world’s only globe-shaped ethanol fireplace. It is a free-standing, chimney-free hearth on a foot that can be turned 360 degrees for optimal viewing angle and flexibility.
It gives me the welcoming feel that says… “please come in and have a seat…” and then it says “Waka waka..”

Extract from pid.se

Dama TV Wardrobe

November 29, 2007

Dama TV wardrobe is equipped with a sliding and projecting door, 100 mm thick, with an integrated television able to slide even when the screen is on. The connecting wires go through the inside part of the door;in such a way, the structure avoids any obstruction in the inside of the wardrobe… woo… I like…

Perfectly integrated with the projecting door, the connecting cables run along the inside of the door,then on the top of the wadrobe.This avoids adding useless clutter to the inside of the wadrobe which can be fitted as desired.

Extract from Presotto

Radius Wall Flame

October 30, 2007

A contemporary fire place, Radius makes some beautiful wall mounted and free standing “home flames” that are very nice to look at… and then go blind…

Extract from Radius Design

Vertigo – Flueless Fire

November 16, 2006

My first impression… an LCD fireplace… then I realised it doesn’t make sense… because there’s no heat… So, this is an actual fireplace… mounted on the wall and its flueless.

Define Flue: A pipe used to exhaust smoke, gas or air. All gas type fireplaces have them I assume. With the help of small catalytic converters, the Vertigo has “the ability to burn off the odorous and stale air in the room and efficiently return warm and neutral air back into your airspace” and so they claimed.

I learnt 2 things today. The word “Flue” and gas fireplace (I always thought fireplaces use wood!)

Extract from West Country Fires