5 Minute Candles

March 13, 2009

These 5 Minute Candles are designed to look like an ordinary book of matches, but contain ten small candles.

Extract from Poketo


March 6, 2009

“Every candle has its own duration of burning. This is the starting point of our 12 hours Waxwatch. A simple overprint transforms a common candle into a sypathic a discreet time measure tool. Whether you are playing chess or having dinner, time runs decoratively backdrop.”

Extract from Pervisioni

Random pic of the week

February 23, 2009

Romantisch, a table made of candle wax, can be seen either as the perfect spot for a romantic candle-lit dinner, or a poignant homage to the passage of time as your table melts with every meal.
You will have to buy spares… and eat fast before the tabe collapse…

Extract from R&S

Recycle PET Bottles

December 11, 2008

This christmas, makes some recycled products for your friends…
This should be suitable for the Singapore parents. We used to see this bottles being used as school water bottles until the day a health warning was publicized. See what else you can do with your kids this school holiday.


Extract from noquedanblogs.com

Lucky candles

September 17, 2008

Happy birthday! Close your eyes, make a wish… blow out your candles!
These “modular” candles are a result of an investigation into superstition and rituals. The are playful little things: you can add their “legs” up to result into your age (3+4+10+5=22), or juxtapose them to represent it (2 next to 2). You can also turn them upside down so that they have as many flames as years, or the other way round, so that you have less flames and so your wish is easier to grant…

Extract from Coroflot

This is a Glass cover with open top and bottom encasing five tealight holders attached to a sperate glass base with rubber protectors on bottom corners. The glass cover is mirrored to give the illusion of the five candles repeating in infinite rows.

Extract from motif

Smart Candle

May 3, 2008

Smart Candle is designed to be practical, simple and elegant. It’s an affordable way for you to add a memorable touch around your home — great for both indoor and outdoor uses. With its sleek design and forward-thinking rechargeable system, restaurants, hotels and nightclubs can provide an ambient atmosphere without seeing their profits go up in smoke.
Did you get it? Its rechargeable? Cool…

Extract from smartcandle

Happy Valentine’s Day. This posh intimacy kit, by Kiki de Montparnasse, celebrates intimacy and inspires the romantic imagination. Box kit includes handcuff-pattern silk restraints, a massage candle, personal lubricant (1 oz.), Kiki Select Kimono condoms, before-and-after mints and a Kiki Motif Instrument of Pleasure, an ergonomic, multi-speed and very quiet vibrator adorned with the Kiki motif.

Extract from redEnvelope

Candle Holder Flashlight

January 5, 2008

This flashlight can be perfectly concealed on your bookcase or mantle top. It uses bright LED bulbs and is powered by 3 AA batteries.
In case you run out of matchsticks and candles or in case you run out of batteries? Or a glowing candle holder? or Cluedo?

Extract from Velocity

Candles with Stand

November 29, 2007


Elite, Elegance, Exclusive is the collection of three similar candles which differ according to stem. This candle-trio is designed for unique occasions.
Candles with stand… nice…

Extract from Comunistar Designers