Drop Shower Faucet

April 29, 2008

Drop is the new faucet shower designed by Giulio Iacchetti for IBrubinetterie. ” a drop of water is a drop of life… the first squeezable shower to avoid wasting even just a drop”

Extract from Ibrubinetterie

Ovopur Water Filter

March 23, 2008

Environmentally friendly to the core, the OVOPUR© unit doesn’t consume any electricity, using gravity instead to filter and revitalize tapwater. Obtain crystal clear water quickly and easily.

Extract from Aquaovo


This corn starch plastic container is made from poyactide (“PLA”). Natureworks PLA is a unique polymer that behaves like P.E.T. ( a petroleum-based plastic) in the manufacturing process. PLA has great organoleptic characteristics and is excellent for food contact and related packaging applications. Biodegrades in just 80 days in commercial compost systems.

In English, it means you can refill this thing with tap water and drink it with peace in mind, and it will disintegrate after sometime and saves the earth from more pollution. 

Extract from NewWaveEnviro

Bath Ball Faucet Filter

September 28, 2006

For the chlorine phobic, the sensitive skins or the ‘I don’t want to turn into micheal jackson. This bath ball thingy is suppose to get rid of the chlorines and smell from tap water.

Claimed that as water flows into openings in the top, the KDF filter media (a high-purity copper/zinc formulation) releases water that’s 95% chlorine-free. The other 5% I assume is the part splattering outside the ball. Its 100% if you consider the psychological factor.

Extract from Gaiam