Soap Bank

February 15, 2008

Getting every last bit of soap from a bar to do its job can be idiotic. This Soap Bank can collect and help you get your money’s worth from the small remains of soap. When your bar gets too small to get a good grip on, just drop it in the slot and give the bag a rub when you need soap. The top lets you keep your soap until it’s small enough to fit in the bank.
Good for the world that still uses solid soap. I know Singapore is seeing less of it nowadays.

Extract from DesigNoDoubt

Shower Wizard Lizard™

July 24, 2007


This large Shower Wizard Lizard™ is one foot long and can hold shampoo, conditioner or shower gel. Fill the lizard with your favourite liquid for bathtime and squeeze it’s body to squirt out of the lizard’s mouth.
When the Wizard Lizard is sprayed with hot water it changes colour.
Each foot is fitted with a suction cup so you can easily place the lizard anywhere in your bathroom. A special cap in it’s mouth is designed to prevent any dribbles even when facing down.

Extract from otherland

Soap Leaves

May 28, 2007

The soap is made through a process in which soap resin mixed according to a secret Thai formula is hand poured over a dried and cured lattice-like frame of real mango tree leaves to form individual soaps of unmatched exquisiteness. Each leaf is good for one or two washings.

Extract from Wrapables

Random pic of the week

November 27, 2006

Shit! Nope, it’s soap! Coffee scented too… and your dog can get beaten to death because of it… so please handle with care…

Extracted from Nope, it’s soap!


September 23, 2006


Brainwash your child’s mind while washing his hands.

SquidSoap is a fun soap dispenser designed for teaching children healthy hand washing habits. It works by applying a small ink mark on a person’s hand when they press the pump to dispense the soap. The ink is designed to wash off after the hands are washed for about15-20 seconds, which is the time recommended by most doctors.

Maybe it will take even longer to wash their hands… what if the kid start printing the ink all over his body… “look mum, i am pokie dot man!”

Extracted from SquidSoap