Kimberly-Clark Professional is about to go where no health and hygiene company has gone before – crossing the final touchless restroom frontier – with the introduction of the first electronic bath tissue dispenser.
While many public restrooms offer hygienic no-touch dispensing for sinks, hand towels and soap, bath tissue has not been included in this trend until now…
This could be the answer to save the trees while keeping life comfortable..

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Maybe the guys will aim better and stay longer… maybe do other activities as well.


May 21, 2007


Invented by a man who absolutely hates picking up after his dog, The Sha-Poopie™ makes the job both easier and less unpleasant. No bending, no trying to use a stick to scrape dog poop onto a newspaper or, worse yet, using a plastic bag to actually pick up it up!
Once your dog deposits his waste in the cup, you just press on the ground to retract the pole, then snap the lid shut and dispose.
What about the dogs’ privacy and modesty?

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April 9, 2007


Portable, auto-butt-cleaning toilet bowl from Toto. It has a folding top for comfortable sitting and controls on the side for a bidet, butt spray strong or soft, and most importantly, the OFF button. It’s made of wood so that your ammonia waste and sweat can stain it and all the waste falls neatly into the tray below, so that you can pull it out, throw shit out, and use again.

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Bidet, One-piece Toilet, Wall Mount, Concealed Tank Toilet, for square butts…

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