Grohe Rainshower Icon

March 26, 2009

Grohe Rainshower Icon’s design allows the shower to be hung up on a dedicated wall holder. All nozzles are adjusted in such a way that they produce the perfect rain shower.

Extract from Grohe

So clever and simple. A watering container with a spout and a shower.

Extract from dezeen

Random pic of the week

June 16, 2008

For the bathroom karaoke members… sponge bath while you sing… and scrub your teeth while you are at it…

Drop Shower Faucet

April 29, 2008

Drop is the new faucet shower designed by Giulio Iacchetti for IBrubinetterie. ” a drop of water is a drop of life… the first squeezable shower to avoid wasting even just a drop”

Extract from Ibrubinetterie

Rotator Bath Cum Shower

April 17, 2008

Ron Arad has designed a bath for Italian manufacturers Teuco, which rotates to become a shower.
Ron Arad uses the malleability of duralight® and Teuco know-how to present “Rotator”, an original space and a new enjoyable experience in which a continuous and unexpected flow of water becomes the protagonist. The slowly rotating basin transforms into a shower and the continuously flowing water becomes an essential component of the product’s beauty. The background for this creation is a floor with mirrored light and glossy white walls with small red shelves that exalt the materiality and the multi-functionality that are characteristic of duralight ®.

Extract from dezeen

Ebb, Loop and Line

February 17, 2008

Ebb is a glass sided bathroom line.
Loop includes a freestanding bath and matching recliner as well as graphic panels on the side which allows for customization.
Line is a solid form centred around the concept of diminishing lines, the structures of the sink and bath are not interrupted by fixtures. All water flow mechanisms are hidden from view and are motion-activated. The forms are augmented by hidden light panels with various color options. The bath fills via a waterfall which flows down over the surface of the light panel while the sink fills with four flow options: a blade of water for washing hands, a light shower for rinsing and hot and cold jets of water for shaving or brushing teeth.
I want this for my home!

Extract from UsTogether

The shower head at the end of the shower curtain rail: simple and ingenious.

Extract from matteo thun & partners

Mirror with Wiper

November 8, 2007

Causas Externas’s objects are the result of the observation of the urban surroundings, creating a domestication of external elements. Espejo con Limpiaparabrisas is a mirror with wiper that allows you to clean the vapor after the shower.

Extract from Causas Externas

Drive Medical

September 1, 2007


When Michael Graves was forced to deal with disability in his own life, he parlayed his experiences into well-designed products that make daily functions a little easier. His Solutions line includes a hand held showerhead that houses a scrub brush and a tub rail that fits neatly over the edge of the bathtub to lend support during tub entry. The use of orange on any of the products signifies that the area is adjustable.
I feel this is useful even to a person of normal physical ability…

Extract from Michael Graves

Shower Head Music Player

August 7, 2007


If you like listening to tunes while showering, then you probably have a shower radio or stereo in your bathroom. But why not kill two birds with one stone. What if your shower head were a stereo also? I mean the little holes already look like a speaker grill. Just imagine a digital MP3 player that detaches from the shower head/speaker. You could load up your favorite tunes and use it like any other MP3 player. What sets it apart is the ability to dock it to your shower head activating the external speaker and when you’re done, just grab it and go.

Extract from Yanko Design