Logitech MX Air Mouse

July 13, 2007


Logitech MX Air Mouse bridge the gap between mouse and remote control with a touch-sensitive scroll-panel (instead of a scroll wheel) and a dedicated pause/play and volume control. You can apparently push the volume button and then flick the mouse to the left or right to increase and decrease volume. In the air, innovative Freespace™ motion sensing transforms hand motions into natural, responsive cursor controls. Sit back and listen to music, browse photos, or surf the Web—from your desk or across the room. No more carpal tunnel syndrome? or more broken vase… reminds me of the wii.

Extract from Logitech

The philips Living Colours light can push out 16 million unique colors, controlled via wireless RF remote that can even work through walls. You can set any remote to control up to six fixtures simultaneously, keeping their colors in sync for a truly dramatic effect. The unique organic design embeds a colored projection source into an egg-shaped glass orb. Due to the bright LEDs, Philips designed a special heat sink into the lamp that looks more like a work of art than a technical necessity.
LivingColors fixture provides both ambient and directed illumination, letting you splash color across a wall at the same time as providing a source of visual interest wherever you place the fixture.

Extract from technabob

This remote-controlled catamaran takes the toil out of skimming a swimming pool, hot tub, or small pond. The device collects leaves and other detritus floating on the water surface into its net, and prevents the debris from reentering the water. When cleanup is complete, the net detaches for easy disposal, and the remote-control’s 100′ range allows you to clean a pool from a shaded seat.
Can make your kids do the work too, they will only think that you love them…

Extract from Hammacher Schlemmer

HP Pavilion HDX

May 16, 2007

HP has crossed the 17-inch widescreen notebooks that are displacing the desktop PC in an increasing number of homes and created the Pavilion HDX Dragon: A desktop slayer with a staggering 20.1-inch widescreen panel rated for true 1080p HD resolution.

Intel’s fastest Core 2 Duo at 2.4GHz, 4GB of RAM, 400GB of storage. A combo analogue and digital high-def TV tuner is standard; as is an HD-DVD drive, four inbuilt Altec Lansing speakers with a sub-woofer, and remote control unit which docks into the keyboard. The Pavilion HDX will reach Asia Pacific in August. With a starting price of US$2,999 (S$4,548.58) for the most basic configuration… Start saving.

Extract from CNET

Top 10 Car Keys

May 9, 2007

1) Bentley

2) Merc Benz

3) Jaguar

4) Land Rover Range Rover Sport LR3

5) Audi

6) BMW

7) Lexus

8 ) Volvo

9) Infiniti

10) Cadillac

I just received these on the email… Great product designs. Thanks Cheryl.

Cushion Control

April 22, 2007

A new generation of remote controls: a bunch of different cushions each having its own function: one for the channels, one for the power, one for the volume and so on. These remote controls can be thrown around, transforming the fights over “who has the remote” into playful cushion fights.

Extract from Didier and Nicholas

I saw this in Takashimaya in Singapore Orchard. I think it cost about SGD39.90. This R/C R2-D2 Action Figure is like a Star Wars fanboy’s wet dream come true. The size of a regular action figure, this tiny droid is fully controllable from the included lightsaber remote. Authentic R2-D2 sounds, turning head and red LED eye complete the package. No more playing with your old skool Star Wars figures by shaking them and talking in a funny voice, this is the real deal…

Thinkgeek says these mini R/C R2-D2s come directly from Japan and are fully licensed by Lucasfilm, so I assume the price is still okay for any Star Wars fan. Ignore the Japanese instructions and simply flip the switches on the back of the R2 and the remote to get things going. Button style batteries are included.

Extract from ThinkGeek

Take control of this next generation robotic shark and lurk the murky waters below. Command your hammerhead from above or below the water with radio control precision. USD 79.95… I will buy it if its life size…

Extract from Discovery Channel Store

Spyke Spy Robot

February 25, 2007

Spyke works as a wireless VOIP phone, moves, detects movement and activates an alarm on your computer or sends you a picture by email, speaks and plays your own music over Wi-Fi… and a weapon for peeping tom?

Extract from gizoo

The pint-sized mechanical man has 18 joints and uses a built-in 3 axis accelerometer to walk, dance and maybe even one day compete in the X-Games. It can be controlled via special software running on your PC or even with a bluetooth enabled phone. The PLEN is available in Japan at the moment for about USD2200 to USD2300.

Extract from Plen