A real working coffee table sized NES controller… I wander how fast must your palm be to win any game…
Months was spent putting this together, starting with a scanned image of the original NES control. This is then simply scaled up, carefully crafting each piece out of MDF and jaming wiring onto a broken old controller board. The glass top was the final touch, to protect those giant buttons, and inside there’s plenty of storage.

Extract from Ultra Awesome

FPS Gaming Vest

April 22, 2008

Video game characters live in a three-dimensional world, but gamers have only been able to experience two dimensions… until now. The 3rd Space™ Vest from TN Games takes gameplay beyond sight and sound, creating spatial awareness of the world your characters inhabit. Unlike traditional force feedback devices that rumble or buzz, the 3rd Space™ Vest gives you precise impact where it happens, as it happens. Get pounded with body slams, crushed with G-forces, and blasted with bullet fire.
For the lonely boy at home who has never been inflicted pain by anybody from the outside world before…

Extract from TN Games

Sony Bravia KLV-40W400A

April 19, 2008

I just upgraded my 32″ Acer LCD TV to a 40″ Sony Bravia… using it to write this post. So big and bright in front of my face. This TV uses Bravia Engine 2; WCG-CCFL; Live Color Creation technology; 1080p24 input-ready; Digital Media Port; Bravia Sync (for Handycam camcorders); triple HDMI terminals. It has 30000:1 dynamic contrast (can we see the difference with the naked eyes?), 8ms response time (not fast enough for gamers), S-Force front surround audio, 450cd/m2 brightness, 178-degree viewing angle and of course ful Full-HD-ready. 
So what’s the big deal? Nothing much, I just like a bigger TV for watching DVD in my room, sharper image, warmth on a cold night, good to play my Wii with, and telling myself that I have to look up and down to see the entire window of this post, Wahhahaha…
oh, and the Sony logo glows when you switch it on… that’s cool.
Next target, a 60″ for my living room.

Extract from Sony Style HK

TV Easel

February 18, 2008

With the form of a traditional painter’s easel, the freestanding TV-rack on wheels is prefect for the open spaces often found in modern apartments. It is optimized for TV-sizes between 32-47” and it is adjustable in both height and angle. Material is solid wood, natural or lacquered.

If you don’t want to wall mount, this would be a great alternative.

Extract from dezeen

The lighted balls and hemispheres are individually molded of highest quality polyethylene, there are extremely robust. UV stability, long service life and water-tightness satisfy the highest expections. Higly energy efficient too.
So simple a product, so beautiful marketing…

Extract from Moonlight

Wii Light Sword

December 25, 2007

For use with Nintendo Wii games console. Simply slip your Wii Remote into the handle and press the on button to instantly power up the sword. Toys like this makes the Wii great… want one… WiiLightsaber!!!

Extract from Play.com

JVC Waterproof MP3 Player

December 9, 2007


JVC Japan’s XA-AW33 is the world’s first water proof MP3 player designed specifically for bathing using. Featuring a floating design that’s completely water proof. Using just 4 AAA batteries and get up to 15 hours of playback time with 256MB of your favorite songs.

Extract from Victor.JVC

Evolve is the no-wires freedom your music has been waiting for. Play your music on rechargeable wireless speakers that you can put anywhere you want within 150 feet. Evolve can be used alone or integrate with your existing home entertainment system and comes with a remote control.

Extract from Griffin

Dama TV Wardrobe

November 29, 2007

Dama TV wardrobe is equipped with a sliding and projecting door, 100 mm thick, with an integrated television able to slide even when the screen is on. The connecting wires go through the inside part of the door;in such a way, the structure avoids any obstruction in the inside of the wardrobe… woo… I like…

Perfectly integrated with the projecting door, the connecting cables run along the inside of the door,then on the top of the wadrobe.This avoids adding useless clutter to the inside of the wadrobe which can be fitted as desired.

Extract from Presotto

Nike Amp+

October 19, 2007


The Nike Amp+ Sport Remote Control is a watch and a remote for the Nike+ experience. Hear instant voice feedback of your time, distance, calories and pace when you add the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit and Nike+ Ready shoes. Wear the watch alone for a stylish, unique timepiece.
The LED displays time of day and icons for iPod® nano controls when activated by the remote. Song is accessed through left-side button for quick motivation.
Looks a bit like my Starck/Fossil watch that can’t tell the time under sunlight.

Extract from Nike