Hauzen resembles a giant dust mite magnified a million times over. Using cameras to automatically map the room in 3D to be cleaned, it has enough built-in smarts to avoid obstacles and return to base to juice up when the power guage starts to dip. Same as any other robot vac but prettier…

Extract from Aving

Vacuum Broom

December 11, 2007

Vacuums are great at picking up fine dust but suck horribly at bigger pieces of trash. Brooms are great at moving big pieces of litter but forget about dirt. Combine the 2 and it makes so much sense.

Extract from Yanko Design

Electrolux Vacuum shoes

December 17, 2006

Very simple concept, walk around to clean the floor… but not intelligent enough… maybe can use for big empty floors without cabinets and other furniture… so still deserve some merit…

Extract from T3


Kone,an elegant, sculptural form that can be left on display . That way, your hand vac will always be charged. Always ready. No more searching a closet only to find an unplugged unit. It’s the new shape of clean.

Oh my… Karim Rashid product that solves a problem. And its not pink too.

Extract from Karim Rashid Shop


Make your children do the housework while telling them propagandas that what they are doing is actually fun…

The Buster vacuum cleaner was created by designer .tina. as a thesis project for Philips. Children are invited to help out with the cleaning of their home in a fun, responsible and inspiring way. Buster doesn’t have to be hidden away after use as it looks like a big toy snail… or you can keep it in your child’s room… :*

Extract from red.house