5 Minute Candles

March 13, 2009

These 5 Minute Candles are designed to look like an ordinary book of matches, but contain ten small candles.

Extract from Poketo

Matches Calendar

December 26, 2008

Each page is a month and it looks like a comb made of matches that correspond to the days.

For daily prayers with incense? A cigarette a day? For the fireplace?
I want a 2009 version!

Leave the light on

July 3, 2008

At first glance, it looks like a match stick burning out… and I assume that is the effect that the designer wants to achieve. This is an oil lamp with a wick just at the edge of the “burnt” match stick so it continues to lit up with a nice effect.

Extract from Stylepark

Charcoal Starter

February 22, 2008

Charcoal Starter can ignite charcoal in 60 seconds without lighter fluid using air that is heated to 1,290° F. Simply plug the device into a standard wall outlet, place the metal tip into the charcoal and hold down the button. When the charcoal sparks, remove the tip from the coals, but continue to point the unit at the charcoal for sixty seconds.

Extract from Hammacher Schlemmer

Solar Lighter

February 5, 2008

This stainless steel parabolic mirror, designed to focus the suns radiant energy to a precise focal point is great for fire starting and is perfect for backpacking, boating, hiking and as a great survival tool. Shown in picture above with a cone of incense, just point at the sun and it lights! Measures about 4.5″ diameter.
Now the only other thing you need is sun when you need it…

Extract from Gyroscope.com

Lucifer Matches

April 19, 2007

Interactions from shaking the match out (reminiscent of some of those toothpick dispensers), the satisfaction of pulling it out and having it light, being able to see all the matches inside yet untouchable… I love this product! I don’t know if there are simpler products in the market before but I feel this is bringing life to old products… beautiful.

Extract from NOTCOT

ToolLogic Firesteel Knife

October 13, 2006


For the not so caveman who cannot start a fire or kill an animal to stay alive in the wild.

ToolLogic Firesteel Knife features a razor sharp 2″ blade and emergency signal whistle plus a premium magnesium alloy fire starter. The Swedish made Firesteel combined with a special notch on the blade delivers an intense shower of sparks at nearly 3000ºc. It will even spark when wet! Useful… but can’t get it into the plane… maybe you can use it for your home BBQ? Just don’t use it indoors…

Extract from ThinkGeek