Fire Design

June 12, 2009

Fire extinguisher as a decorative object. These extinguishers are sold for € 95. I wonder if it passes the local regulatory system.

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Die Electric

July 18, 2007


After the upcoming apocalypse when there’s no more electric power, what will you do with all those powerless outlets distributed all over your house? Scott Amron, a conceptual consultant and electrical engineer, has an answer with his “Die Electric” experiment, plugging in useful objects such as toothbrush holders, flowerpots and fire extinguishers, all of whose electrical flow is dielectric, that is, not conducting any electrical current and neutralized for your personal safety and amusement.

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Fire Fighting Flowers

December 31, 2006

For 3,980 Yen (including tax), you get to have a safe cooking experience for 2 years before replacing it with a new one. The flowers contain some fire retardant liquid and stuffs. Just administer it directly to an uncontrolled fire and it will do its job… Quick, buy it for your love ones this valentine… at least this flower can be useful.

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