Plantronics Calisto Pro

August 25, 2007

The Plantronics Calisto Pro features a compact landline handset and
multi-function Bluetooth headset to manage landline, mobile and VoIP conversations. The base station has a USB connector to hook into your PC for Skype and Yahoo calls, a DECT 6.0 handset to handle landline calls, and the headset to connect to both these plus a cellphone.

EXtract from Plantronics

Spyke Spy Robot

February 25, 2007

Spyke works as a wireless VOIP phone, moves, detects movement and activates an alarm on your computer or sends you a picture by email, speaks and plays your own music over Wi-Fi… and a weapon for peeping tom?

Extract from gizoo

R2D2 Skype and Projector

January 8, 2007

The R2D2 Skype has FM Transmitter function on the light saber stand, the light saber itself controls R2D2, has sound FX, webcam, skype and phone control. You can talk to your boss but pretend that you are speaking to R2.

The R2D2 Projector has DVD/CD player, stereo sound, wall and ceiling projection, FM wireless audio, DVD control panel, iPod dock, memory card and USB input, sound FX, and a Millennium Falcon to control R2.

Not truely as multi-function as the real R2D2, but its meaningful media functions are enough for me to want one myself.

Extract from Nikko

Use Skype with any phone, anywhere. Call box Pro enables you to make Skype calls from anywhere – your PC, your land line phone, or even your mobile! It gives you selective call forwarding features, allowing you to route and direct specific calls and types of calls, exactly the way you want. So you don’t need a separate skype phone… makes good sense.

Extract from gadgets

Verball Internet Phone

September 10, 2006

Why must an internet phone look like a phone? Good thing that there go people around that can think out of the box… and reinterprete what a product should or can look like.

Verballs make most communication devices look about as exciting as rectangles with numbers on ’em. Each cartoon-esque critter waves its oversized hands, gospel-styley, and flashes its horns when a call comes in. So unless you walk around the house/office with a sack over your head, you’ll never miss another Skype call! The best part that i like, each Verball moves its mouth every time your caller speaks!!!

You can also use these soon-to-be cult creatures to listen to MP3s (via the built-in speaker), download ringtones, use text-to-speech software and much more. All this and free calls too, because we’re even chucking in 30 free Skype minutes. 

Extract from Firebox