iPhone 4.0

September 2, 2010

I had disappeared… almost a year… choose reason…
a) i was too busy with a new life
b) i lost my password
c) my image library is full
d) it takes too much effort

Seriously? I can’t remember but I felt like blogging what i found to be an amazing product by Apple (iPod Touch iOS4) just now and so I logged in. Looking below my post, and you will see that i left off almost a year ago with a HTC phone and an Apple mouse. Today I want to write about the HTC Hero I have now and the iPhone 4 that I want to get…

I am still using the HTC Hero… it was great and it was lousy… it gave me instant view of the my stock portfolio and my hotmail and a full facebook site with a direct photo upload link and a good camera… it has 1 day battery life and it drop calls or even missed it. That’s bad since a phone’s basic function is to make calls.

So, I traded in my Nokia E71 for it’s new brother, the E72 since that what it’s good for, making calls and lasting for days and its got free Ovi map!

 I was contemplating on getting the N8 but Nokia is just taking so too long to launch for its own good. But the Symbian on the E72 made me think twice of waiting for the N8 although it is going to be a major upgrade and it has a 12 mega pixel camera! Symbian is too slow! I can’t even surf properly, but not to condemn it because it’s not really a phone for surfing.

So why do I wanna get an iPhone, I am not even an iPhone fan. I bought an iPod touch 2nd Generation and I seldom used it. Well, sadly, the Android in HTC Hero made me got so used to entertainment and information on the go… and there isn’t really anything to look forward to in the Android world now even after upgarding my Hero’s OS from 1.5 to 2.1…

The iPhone had said “In so many ways, it’s a first”.
It’s the first with a good surfing OS, the first with the Wifi made so easy it’s idiot proofed, the first with a glass panel so hard it can crush a real apple without damaging the phone, the first to make a walkie talkie glamorous with its facetime software, the first to have a badly designed antenna and still lived to tell the good news to it’s shareholders, the first to sell online for SGD888 and people can still buy from you for SGD1300… how cool is that?

I bought one for my wife… and I am going to get one for myself next month when the HTC Hero’s contract is up.

Extract from Apple SG, Nokia SG

Nokia 6600i Slide

August 8, 2009

Nokia 6600i Slide has an audio output of 3.5 mm, FM radio tuner, 5 megapixel sensor with autofocus and dual LED flash, metal casing, 2.2″ screen and support for Flash Lite 3.0. An entry level phone but beautiful piece of metal.

Extract from Nokia SG

Nokia 6600i Slide

August 2, 2009

Nokia 6660 Slide has a metal casing, 3.5 mm audio output, FM radio tuner, 5 megapixel sensor with autofocus and dual LED flash, 1GB microSD card and supports Flash Lite 3.0.

Extract from Nokia Singapore

Quattro for iPhone

July 14, 2009

Metal with carbon fibre case for iPhone with interchangeable lenses.

Extract from FACTRON

Midori AC Adapter

June 18, 2009

Cable looks like the vines of a creeper… refreshing… and messy…

Extract from iida

LG GD900 Crystal

June 16, 2009

LG has created the world’s first transparent design.
LG GD900 Crystal has a drop-down transparent keypad. It is also a fully functional touch key pad that works like a touch pad found on Laptop computers. It’s Mouse Mode feature lets you browse the internet in smooth movements and flip through your contents with swift easy strokes while the exclusive “Multi Finger Touch” feature enables two-finger touch recognition for faster response time.

Extract from LG Mobile Singapore

Sony Ericcson T707

April 6, 2009

Sony Ericcson T707 clamshell has a 2.2-inch, QVGA external display, plus a 1.1-inch internal monochromatic OLED display (128 x 36 resolution), 100MB of internal memory, and a 3.2 megapixel camera. It will be available in Mysterious Black, Spring Rose, and Lucid Blue.

Extract from CNET Asia

Ulysse Nardin Chairman

April 4, 2009

Swiss watchmaker Ulysse Nardin have released a cellphone named the Chairman which makes use of various innovative technologies in order to attempt to compete with luxury cellphone market leader Vertu.

 The main feature of the cellphone is a moving rotor to supply supplemental power to the Chairman which is the same type of rotor used in the automatic movements of Ulysse Nardin watches, whilst this is said to be able to increase battery life the power generated through the rotor is minimal. The phone features a two point eight inch multi touch display, a finger print reader for owner identification, a camera, built in wireless and extensive email and internet applications. The phone is available in several versions featuring eighteen karat rose gold, stainless steel and carbon fiber.

Extract from Ulysse Nardin

Noel Hardcase for iPhone

March 27, 2009

Slim fit hard cover for Apple iPhone 3G with high reflection metallic finshing. Brings the phone’s value up 1 level. Each case comes with a bonus mirrored screen protector which makes the front of your iPhone just as shiny as the back.

Extract from more-thing

Nokia 7205 Intrigue

March 24, 2009

The flip phone offers a sleek design with a glossy black exterior and a backlit external display. The interior has a 262k color display and a flat keypad in black or pink. The handset has a 2 megapixel camera, A2DP Bluetooth and a microSD slot.
Available in the USA.

Extract from Nokia