Belkin Clip-On Hub

July 12, 2007

Belkin announces a new USB Hub with a multi-tasking clip to solve our ever present day exisiting problem of cables … It grips to the edge of a surface or a bundle of cables.

Extract from Belkin

Elecom X and T USB Hubs

February 14, 2007


These cross-shaped USB Hubs offer three and four un-powered ports for you to plug all your USB gadgets into. The angled are such that no matter how big your USB device is, chances are it probably won’t block another port and it just looks robust and reliable…

Extract from Akihabaranews

Logitech Alto Laptop Stand

November 2, 2006


This is a one-piece notebook riser with an integrated, full-size keyboard that places the notebook screen level with your eyes. The Alto notebook stand has three built-in USB ports for connecting a variety of peripherals, such as mice, a webcam, an external drive or a printer, to the laptop. Simple, nice curves, clean, looks good and unfortunate. I don’t understand what the space between the keyboard and notebook is for but it takes up precious space. A stationery rack maybe.

Extract from Logitech

USB hub with a twist

October 9, 2006

Its a USB hub. It has four ports, and it twists around 360 degrees.

Great isn’t it? Now you don’t have to force your cables to go in one direction or you can make your table even more messy with cables going in four different directions. 

Extract from GoodMan Corporation