Random pic of the week

August 24, 2009

i-Bum is the chair which creates embarrassments for its audience. Once a person sits on the chair, automatically the chair scans their bottom and prints out the image.

Extract from KithKin

Doodle, Scan, Sweep left and right… This could be a very good way of communicating to somebody from a distance! Excellent!

Extract from Rakuten

ZScanner 700 scans 3D easy

November 2, 2006

Connect it to your laptop with FireWire™, add the reflective targets to the object, quickly calibrate and scan. The 1kg handheld is plug and play, easy to use without a tripod and makes a modeler’s life real easy. Only USD39,990… I will stick to hand measures and modelling from scratch… 

Extract from Zcorp