Logitech Lapdesk

February 11, 2009

Laptops are not meant to be on your lap, I know mine will burn my thighs… Enjoy more comfort —on the sofa, bed, or even the floor with this stable, lightweight design from Logitech that helps protect you from notebook heat, and helps improve neck and leg comfort.

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XO Laptop II

June 3, 2008

“With the XO (1.0), we pushed the boundaries of what a laptop could be by lowering the cost dramatically, being green (no heavy metals, lowest energy consumption ever), and a human-driven unique design approach.
Now, with XOXO (2.0), we are challenging what a truly collaborative and creative computing experience could be … a true departure from the traditional keyboard and screen layout, a new way to interface and play with data, information and communication.”
The OLPC idea created a trend for UMPC and 8″ laptops and Acer Asus selling the hugely popular Eee PC. How will this OLPC II motivate the world with this time?

Extract from TED

BUILT Laptop Backpack

May 10, 2008

Made from lightweight neoprene and breathable air mesh, the main compartment of this BUILT laptop backpack accommodates 12″–17″ laptops with room to spare for books, folders or other essentials. Two additional smaller compartments provide storage options for your other necessities; one conveniently located directly on the shoulder strap for easy access.

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Gemstone Blue

March 13, 2008

Gemstone Blue is the update of the original Gemstone design with BMW designers, only nine months after I bought it, sob…
Based on the latest Core 2 Duo Penryn processors, the Acer Aspire 6920 and 8920G uses full-HD displays. 16-inch for the former and 18.4-inch for the 8920G, these new toys are obviously decked out for entertainment folks, with a unique touch-sensitive control (pictured below) gracing the side of the keyboard. Blu-ray drives are also offered with these units. The Aspire 6920 is powered by an Nvidia GeForce 9500M graphics chip, while the Aspire 8920G uses a more powerful GeForce 9650M unit.

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January 31, 2008

How to make money from diehard fans of certain product brands or jokers…
The AirMail laptop sleeve is handmade out of durable upholstery-grade vinyl, and lined with fuzzy, soft fleece. All AirMail sleeves have the same dimensions as standard interoffice manila envelopes, which will serve to remind you and everyone around you that your new MacBook Air really is the thinnest laptop in the world!

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Apple MacBook Air

January 29, 2008

The MacBook Air. It’s a full-size notebook encased in the 0.4 – 1.94 cm of sleek, sturdy anodised aluminium. And at just 1.36 kg, There’s no CD drive, one usb port and very little else. A new feature called Remote Disc lets you wirelessly use or “borrow” the optical drive of a Mac or PC in the vicinity… Do downloads, watch movies and handle installations wirelessly, back up files wirelessly using Apple’s new Time Capsule.
All so nice and advance… from SGD2988. Maybe I just buy an Asus Eee for a sixth of the price and dream the day I have too much disposable income… I mean I loved it but it really is not for the common people on the street.

Extract from Apple Singapore

AMP Universal Speaker

October 6, 2007


AMP is a universal active speaker for Ipod or laptops. The AMP refers to the time before transistor radios. Back then, radios looked like giant pieces of furniture, since it took a lot of space to put all the technology needed.

The AMP is equipped with a mosfet amplifier and a 3-way speaker cone-set. The audio jack ensures the freedom to connect any portable music device whatsoever.
Since it’s so big, it can become a table too.

Extract from Pieter Maes