Enter Bell

September 6, 2008

Press Enter to ring the bell and enter the house/office…

Extract from labexp


Logitech DiNovo Mini

January 10, 2008

You’re connecting your PC to your TV. You’re downloading movies and watching them on your big screen.

Take control of your PC entertainment with the only palm-sized, cordless mini-keyboard optimized for the way you get your entertainment. Another wonderful innovation by Logitech.

Extract from Logitech

Wrist-rest Brace

August 21, 2007


Featuring a bracelet-shaped body made of flexible rubber, it is designed for protecting wrists, palms, and elbows of mouse and keyboard users respectively according to how it is positioned.
Different from conventional mouse pads or keyboard rests, which is put on the desk, the wrist protector encircled on users’ wrists is movable and portable along with users’ movements.
Don’t lose your wrist-rest anymore… strange…

Extract from pro-pad

Apple iMac-Santa Rosa

August 9, 2007

The new iMac… so unreal…

Apple borrowed the aluminum finish that it has previously reserved for its professional products, remaking the iMac in black and silver and taking a few inches off its waist. A glass display completes the look, along with a new slimmer keyboard and Intel’s latest processors.

Extract from Apple, CNET Asia


Lomak (Light Operated Mouse and Keyboard) allows for control of an entire computer through the use of a light pointer, accommodating those who have difficulty with traditional input devices.Operated by hand or head, users aim the beam of light at a pad holding rotary-style letters and numbers.


As the light passes over each button, it appears on screen without the need for clicking or nodding or any special gestures. Thereby, typing requires only slight dexterity in a system with nearly no learning curve. Also, no special software or calibration is required, and the Lomak in no way changes the UI of your existing programs.

Extract from Lomak


Cleans and disinfects all types of desktop and laptop keyboards. Removes dirt, grease and germs. Reversible sponge for both desktop and laptop keyboards.

Keyboards has been around for such a long time… why do they take so long to design something like that?

Extract from AM Denmark

Samsung Ultra Smart F700

February 26, 2007

3G-capable F700 with 2.2-inch largish touchscreen, touchscreen, a slide-out QWERTY tray, HSDPA support, and a high-res 5-megapixel camera. All these packed into a 16.4mm thin device. Ahh… a worthy replacement to current smart phones with stunted growth.

Extract from CNET Asia