Random pic of the week

June 22, 2009

Neat! Easy access, clean, not afraid to run out of sockets… just be careful when cleaning the wall or leaning… 

Extract from Ironic Sans

Sombrero Cable Manager

August 31, 2008

Sombrero is a patented cable manager that can be used in an office or a residential setting. Designed to be mounted to the underside of any work surface, this sombrero-shaped spool reins in excess cable by winding it around its core and firmly anchoring the exiting cable into any of the three V-shaped notches. This unique design feature prevents the cables from accidentally dislodging or unwinding. Sombrero is molded in semi-flexible rubber and accommodates most cord diameters. Sombrero is easily installed using only a screwdriver and can also be mounted vertically onto a wall or the back of an A/V cabinet.

Extract from andrea ruggiero design

Picket Fence

April 15, 2008

“The Picket Fence adapts to older homes and cleanly manages the electrical necessities of the occupants. The baseboards have a certain thickness to them. By sticking these pickets onto the baseboard, a space is created between the wall and the picket points. This space serves as a track for routing all of the wires cleanly around the room. They can go wherever they like and double back as much as they need to, all concealed behind a picket fence. Because of the gaps between the individual pickets, a plug can jump out wherever it is needed.”

Extract from oboiler

Wall Mounted Organizer

November 28, 2007

Studio Manzano’s CORRIDOR collection of metal wall mounted organizers for keys, gadgets and phones. Organize your junk, your wires, cell phones, mail, and all that other crap you threw on the table when you get home from work.
I do that too with my magnetic shelf from Ikea…

Extract from Studio Manzano

Audio Technica Cable-Wrap

September 1, 2007

After so many silicon and rubbery stuff for portable cable managements, finally we see one that can compliment a different dress code. Its not leather, its Polyurethane around metal but it makes a statement…

Extract from Audio Technica


August 30, 2007

We are past half of 2007, cables still exist in electronic products, the world does not progress like during the world wars and cold wars where new gadgets invent themselves from weapons…

Cordhog is a ball like structure that wires wrap around and that is it! Simple and nice… Comes in a wide range of colors and sells for a buck each (in sets of six).

Extract from CordHog

Belkin Clip-On Hub

July 12, 2007

Belkin announces a new USB Hub with a multi-tasking clip to solve our ever present day exisiting problem of cables … It grips to the edge of a surface or a bundle of cables.

Extract from Belkin

Cable Carpet

February 2, 2007


I had this problem… I still have a bit of this problem as long as electricity can’t go wireless…

Cable Carpet connects two objects – carpet and cable. Pathways were shaved out of a carpet with a high structure. In these paths the cables can be put in and an attachment was necessary to avoid the cables poping out. A student’s project… brilliant.

Extract from Design Spotter

Design by Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda, two veterans from Domus Academy, Multipot is a pot!… which hold cables from all your electronic mambo jumbo while it charges them and gives you a soft glow… thats it. Yup… that simple. Good enough for me with my billion and one cables…

Extract from YLighting

Its so messy but it still make sense… The Contactbox collects and hides cords and chargers, leaving your charger easy to find and with no more tangled messy cords (or at least on the outside).

Extract from Contactboxen