Fridge Alert

January 3, 2007

This product is for the paranoid and short-term-memory-lose men out there. The Fridge Alarm has a light sensor and an alarm that will sound if the sensor detects light for 30 seconds or longer letting you know if you accidentally leave the door ajar. I have never done that, but sometimes I do question myself…

Only USD6.99 and comes with what looks like a thermometer…

Extract from solutions

Credit Card Alarm

November 25, 2006


The Credit Card Alarm is an intelligent card case, that beeps every twenty seconds when empty. For the absent-minded and the often haste and confusion involved when paying with a credit card in a restaurant, at the mall, or taxi. While you are concentrating on packing your shopping and signing the receipt, there is always a risk of forgetting your card.

Extract from Bim Bam Banana