Pandora Alarm Clock

April 5, 2008

Pandora is an unusual alarm clock designed for people who don’t manage to get up immediately and constantly hit the snooze button so that in the end there is no time left, neither to shower nor to have breakfast.
Once the alarm is switched off, an animation will be laser projected onto your ceiling. After falling asleep again you will be awaken by different sounds which make you open your eyes and look at the ceiling. Instead of showing you the time in numbers, the animation will tell you a story in a count down mode. In changing images you will see what you should be doing at different stages instead of sleeping and there will be catastrophic consequences if you don’t get out of bed.

Extract from MGProducts

Hasbro’s Room Tech Clock is an alarm clock with a wireless link to the mushroom-shaped Room Tech Lamp. When the alarm goes off, the alarm clock will either stomp its fists on the table making an awful racket, play back the radio or pump out tunes from a connected MP3 player. The Room Tech Lamp will be activated, bringing illumination to your room.

The Room Tech Lamp head is also touch-sensitive and changes colour so kids can choose the perfect mood for their room.

Extract from Pocket-lint

Carpet Alarm Clock

June 26, 2007

There’s been quite a few ingenious alarm clock concepts of late. They all have one thing in common – force you to physically get up to turn them off. The Carpet Alarm Clock is a variation to that theme. In order to turn it off, you have to get up and step on it. If you really want to make it a challenge, place it far away from your bed. Of course it wouldn’t be a clock if it didn’t have and LCD screen to indicate time too.

Extract from Yanko Design

Hybrid Alarm Clock

May 19, 2007

This alarm is a mix between a minute counter used in cooking and a normal alarm. There are two ways of use: like a normal alarm, selecting the hour to wake up or selecting the hours of sleep needed, 3-5-8 hours. To stop the alarm there is a big red button on the top. It is, at the same time, a pulsing light that can substitute the alarm sound to avoid to waking up other people.

Extract from Yanko Design

Fabric Clock

February 5, 2007

Desktop alarm clock in walnut wood veneer and stainless steel. Customisable, the fabric screen is designed to be removed and replaced with any material you prefer… So simple and it makes a difference…

Extract from suckUK

Vessel: Companion Light/Clock

December 13, 2006


This is a portable rechargeable light that provides a discreet ambient glow with the added function of an LCD alarm clock and illuminates automatically when lifted up. Companion works as a hands-free lightsource for night-time outdoor walks or fusebox searches.

What strange thought this designer has…

Extract from nova68

Flying Alarm Clock

November 14, 2006

Mankind are innovative when it comes to alarm clocks… that why Technogad has so many posts on them, and I don’t even need any… I just used my phone. Anyway, for the hard-to-wake-unless-irritated-by-a-mosquito type of people, this flying alarm clock launches a flying mosquito-like propeller into the air. The floater makes an incredibly annoying noise, forcing you to get up, find the thing, and put it back onto the base. BoysStuff makes an even worse claim sure to frighten the sloth, “…eventually it will run out of juice, so it could wake you up by dropping on an exposed body part, such as the head…”

Extract from BoysStuff

Water-powered Alarm Clock

November 4, 2006


They don’t say how they did it, but maybe its like the hydrogen fuel cell car. Fill up the H2O battery in this multifunction clock, and you have four modes of water powered excitement. You get a clock, an alarm, a countdown timer, and a thermometer. Just a simple 90° rotation is all it takes to go from mode to mode. Each refill last for about 2-3 months. All electronics should be like this!

Extract from Thinkgeek

Under normal circumstances, I would criticise an “i”sumthin if I see one because I am really sick of them, but when I saw this, I had wanted to laugh, so I forgive it and post it here instead. What’s more, it didn’t come with an “i”.

Called Edifier MO, this dock is shaped like a classic bell-style alarm clocks with the iPod sitting in the center finishing the design. Just place your iPod, set the alarm and you will be woken up with your favourite tune and your iPod will get the juice it needs for the day while you sleep. Unfortunately, the iPod has no way to display the time with a large font, so it has no way to function as just a regular clock…. but maybe its so cute, you might just forgive it.

oh… and these are its optional behind…

Extract from Aving

MP3 Alarm Clock

October 8, 2006


Sometimes I am not really up-to-date in the gadget world or maybe my life at that moment in time did not have a need or a want for such products. Anyway, an MP3 Alarm clock, around since… 1-2yr ago? more? I don’t know… a search in google came up with many claims… There are even all-in-ones now…

But this one is presentable, goes well with most deco, simple, usb, 256mb (enough for reasonable quality of a britney spears’ and a christina aguilera’s album)

Extract from Firebox