Black & White Clock

July 21, 2009

Digital clock with only figures and no casing. Each figure has self-contained power supply and independent control. A light sensor will switch the clock to an invert mode: the figures are white in the dark time of day and black at daytime. Nice stuff!

Extract from Kibardindesign

Ora ilLegale

May 2, 2009

The Ora ilLegale clock boasts no numbers and is obviously missing a significant portion of its base; these two factoids enable it to become the easiest clock to adjust to changes in daylight savings.

Extract from Yanko Design

Log Radio and Log Clock

October 3, 2008

Many clocks or radios on one plank which you have to cut off as much as you want to buy, just like a bunch of bananas… Involving the user in production process gives every product a unique and personal final touch. It was awarded at DMY International Design Festival 2008 – Jury’s favourite selection.

Extract from Gogo

Rim Clock

September 12, 2008

A very minimalist design pleasant to the eyes.

Extract from trendsnow

LED Clock Shelf

August 16, 2008

LED clock that has a set of shelves built in it! It is a creation by Hong Kong-based clock manufacturer Anka and features little holes in the middle of the red, 7-segment LED displays that allow you to store CDs, DVDs, video games and whatever else you like.

Extract from Anka

Icon Clock

June 18, 2008

There was the Icon watch for you to show it off when socialising and be an object of conversation. But you don’t wear it at home. What if people come to visit?
The Icon Clock’s compact, minimalist design brings the familiar icon from your computer screen to your wall.

Extract from Generate

Watch Waste

May 2, 2008


Murano House introduces for the first Time ever – the Watch Waste.
This is truly an amazing break through in Bathroom accessory design, will you ever be late for anything again?
Hand made in Italy using the finest craftsman, the watch waste seen here comes with precious stones inset into the time piece a high grade of stainless steel for water proofing, high impact strength for the glass using  Swiss pressure testing , date and time, life time power.

Extract from Murano House

Glo Pillow

April 21, 2008

The glo Pillow is an alternative to the traditional alarm clock. The pillow uses an LED fabric substrate below the surface to wake the user using light. This substrate also functions as a display, showing the time on the pillows surface using the grid of LEDs below.
40 minutes before the pre-set alarm time the pillow begins to glow and gently brings the user out of sleep. This natural waking process helps to set the circadian rhythm or “body clock” and results in more healthy sleep/wake patterns.
I have one too… It glows true the curtain before 7am every morning… but I am still tired…

Extract from embryo

A cross between a fridge magnet and a digital photo frame… Digital picture frames are getting popular over the months, and a fridge magnet has been around since before I was born… Sooner or later, this should have been expected.
You can have cycling 66 pictures of all the family members with this 2.4-inch LCD screen, 32MB memory, 11 hours of pics from the USB-rechargeable battery and a built-in clock display. £29.99

Extract from Thumbs Up (UK)

Pandora Alarm Clock

April 5, 2008

Pandora is an unusual alarm clock designed for people who don’t manage to get up immediately and constantly hit the snooze button so that in the end there is no time left, neither to shower nor to have breakfast.
Once the alarm is switched off, an animation will be laser projected onto your ceiling. After falling asleep again you will be awaken by different sounds which make you open your eyes and look at the ceiling. Instead of showing you the time in numbers, the animation will tell you a story in a count down mode. In changing images you will see what you should be doing at different stages instead of sleeping and there will be catastrophic consequences if you don’t get out of bed.

Extract from MGProducts