Duracell MyGrid

August 25, 2009

Duracell MyGrid is a brand new drop-and-go charging pad for all of your wireless devices without the mess of multiple chargers. Just plug in the MyGrid, fit your MP3 player, iPod, Blackberry, iPhone or whatever with a Power Clip or Power Sleeve, place it on the mat and go. It can charge up to 4 devices at once, shuts off automatically with one touch, charges as quickly as your devices’ standard chargers.

Extract from Duracell

Midori AC Adapter

June 18, 2009

Cable looks like the vines of a creeper… refreshing… and messy…

Extract from iida

Toasty Charger

December 18, 2008

Slide your lithium ion battery into the slot, push the handle down and wait for it to pop back up again just like toasting bread… great!…

Extract from Yanko Design

Photosynthesis Solar Tree

September 7, 2008

Harnessing solar energy from a Electronic Bonsai tree for the life of our electronics! You can recharge your cellphone and camera with this solar-cell “tree charger.” 

The tree is composed of modules which can create infinite shape. I assume the bigger your tree, the more power you will get? Assuming this theory, Then I can power my whole house if I can build a big enough tree… wooot!

Extract from vivien MULLER


April 23, 2007

The Load-ding, it acts as a hammock to keep your small electronics from falling to their death while hanging from oddly-placed outlets and charging. Simple.

Extract from fair-kaeuflich.de


The world’s first universal mobile phone charger is being introduced at CEBIT this week. Designed by Professor Luigi Colani, a nearly 80-year-old legend in the field of industrial design, the Anyfix can recharge more than 80% of mobile phones on the market in Europe, and certainly recharges all of the major brand products. It is also terribly exclusive, in purest Colani style, which makes it as much of an object of art as it is a basic commodity!

Extract from Softpedia


Hydrogen Fuelled Racing Car, affordable for you and me… only £59.95

Yes, if you don’t mind that it is only 12inches long, but you still can brag about it… because it is still a revolution!… for a toy car and you being the first few to own it, if you order it now. The car runs on water and solar or battery power, and can drive up to 100feet or around 4 minutes  before needing a recharge. It comes with the fuelling station too which produces hydrogen for fuel from simple water in a matter of minutes.

Extract from BoysStuff

USB Battery

September 23, 2006

Theres all kinds of USB products in the market, some useful eg. printers, webcams, scanners, some entertaining eg. toy fish tanks, lava lamps, some strange eg. vibrators… now you will need something USB that powers your wireless or none USB devices…. USBCELL…

Charge anywhere from any accessible powered USB. Never run out of power during a game. Just swap over with USBCELLs charged in your games console. There’s always a free charger in the living room if you have am XBOX, Playstation or Nintendo. Save money and the environment. No need for chargers, adaptors or cables when at home or travelling, even for shavers and toothbrushes.

So what’s the catch? The hassle of charging of course…

Extract from USBCELL