Sony SLT-A55VL DSLR Camera

October 16, 2010

I bought a Sony DSLR camera last Sunday morning. I had original intended to upgrade to a prosumer after using a compact digital camera since the year of its availability to consumers and kept my fully manual Nikon FM2 to rot in the dry box. So I was looking at the Panasonic LX5, the Canon S95 and the higher end micro four third Sony NEX5. But after researching for awhile, I realised they will never quench my hunger for what an SLR can really do. So I searched more on the bulkier entry to middle level DSLRs and zoom in on 2 units, namely the almost new Canon 550D and the newer Sony Alpha SLT 55.
Why I bought the SLT? Because the sale guy in the shop said to…
DSLR has been around for a while, and its smaller relative the micro four third, made famous by Olympus EP1, has also been a few years. So what makes SLT different?
First, it’s in the name. SLT stands for Single Reflex Translucent. The revolutionary translucent mirror technology provide for faster shooting and auto-focus between shots, you will never miss a moment with 10fps.
The second different is what Sony has just introduced into the camera family, the 3D Sweep Panorama has seamless joints so you cannot tell that they are taken from several shots.
Third, Quick AF Full HD Movie Recording, which beats the Canon 550D hands down as the 550D requires manual focus.
Forth, it comes with a Tru-Finder that is shows 100% of the actual photo taken as compared to other view finders, and it extrudes out of the body and LCD, which for oily faces like mine is really a very good plus!
Fifth, the LCD screen tilts up or down and any angle for comfortable viewing in different shooting positions. It’s really useful if you’re not holding the camera close to your eye: for example shooting above a crowd or crouching down for an interesting viewpoint.
Sixth, with a built-in GPS (Global Positioning System), it can tag images with the geographical coordinates of the location where they were taken.
Seventh, it’s priced at SGD1,349.00 r.r.p., that’s affordable with all these features and I only need to eat less, but that’s a plus too.
Extract from Sony SG

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-R1

October 1, 2006


You have seen the hardcore Hasselblad H3D DSLR camera for the rich and professionals. Now see the sexy Sony Cyber-shot for the prosumers (a non amateur consumer). Less chunk, soft curves, nice matt texture.

Excellent image quality at 10.3megapixel CMOS sensor ; an impressively flexible LCD screen that’s viewable from many angles; a sharp and versatile Carl Zeiss lens; effective white-balancing features; a wide range of ISO sensitivity; quick performance.If you don’t anticipate a need for multiple lenses, given the crisp 24mm-to-120mm-equivalent lens with a maximum aperture of F2.8–the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-R1 makes a worthy competitor to the dSLRs in its category.

Extract from Sony

Hasselblad H3D DSLR camera

September 26, 2006


Wooot… look at the muscles… look at the dark skin… handsome… must be real nice to fondle…

The world’s first 48mm, full frame DSLR camera system with 39 Megapixel full-frame digital 28mm wide angle shooting file size at 5412×7212 pixels at 117MB per pic and OLED 2.2-inch colour display. Built with inter-changeable, waist-level viewfinder so that photographers to maintain loving eye contact with the models.

Price? Must be the cost of a car in Singapore!

Extract from Letsgodigital