Your music is unique to you, so listen to it wirelessly through a unique speaker. High quality audio no matter where you want to listen to your music. The built-in rechargeable battery means it’s ready to roll when you are.

Extract from Sony Ericsson

AMP Universal Speaker

October 6, 2007


AMP is a universal active speaker for Ipod or laptops. The AMP refers to the time before transistor radios. Back then, radios looked like giant pieces of furniture, since it took a lot of space to put all the technology needed.

The AMP is equipped with a mosfet amplifier and a 3-way speaker cone-set. The audio jack ensures the freedom to connect any portable music device whatsoever.
Since it’s so big, it can become a table too.

Extract from Pieter Maes

Serenata Music Phone

October 5, 2007

Bang & Olufsen and Samsung comes together again, this time to create the new Serenata music phone, sporting the distinctive look and sure-to-be ludicrous pricing that B&O is known for. Loaded with 4GB of flash memory, the Serenata has a built-in speaker that’s designed to pump out your jams with no headphones necessary. The phone also sports an iPod-esque touch ring for control and a dock for charging and syncing it up with your computer. Oh.. its 3G too…

Extract from Serenata

Paper Ceramic Loudspeakers

September 26, 2007

Thin paper ceramic loudspeakers made from discarded musical scores and clay to satisfy that need to propagate and share your music.

Singaporean Yong Jieyu’s ceramic paper speakers (actually, they’re less speaker than amplifier) are made from clay, one of the best materials for sound amplification thanks to its low sound absorbent coefficiency &mdash and recycled music scores. Place your earphone inside each “speaker” and your tunes can be heard by all.
The speakers are just a part of the research project into Noise/Sound that he is doing as part of his Masters degree at the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

Extract from Jieyu Design

Shower Head Music Player

August 7, 2007


If you like listening to tunes while showering, then you probably have a shower radio or stereo in your bathroom. But why not kill two birds with one stone. What if your shower head were a stereo also? I mean the little holes already look like a speaker grill. Just imagine a digital MP3 player that detaches from the shower head/speaker. You could load up your favorite tunes and use it like any other MP3 player. What sets it apart is the ability to dock it to your shower head activating the external speaker and when you’re done, just grab it and go.

Extract from Yanko Design

Random pic of the week

August 6, 2007


iPod docks are a dime a dozen but none are more mobile than Wei-Lieh Lee and Kevin O’Callaghan’s dock-in-a-dog-jacket, which will convert your pet into a walking boombox.

Extract from onthewei


High-end speaker producer Bowers & Wilkins (known on the street as B&W) is going all Hindenburg on your iPod dock. Named after its obvious inspiration, B&W’s Zeppelin is a two-foot-long black ellipsoid with a bundle of goodies hidden inside, including a 5-inch subwoofer, four speakers and an amp that can pump out 100 watts of power. It’ll also handle the classic iPod dock jobs like streaming pictures and videos to a TV. USD599…

Extract from SCI FI Tech

Lightspeaker Lamp

August 4, 2007


The Lightspeaker Lamp from Sweden’s LYX Furniture and Light features a “tweeter” and “woofer” which reflect light instead of sound. There’s even a little “volume” knob which is actually a dimmer for the lamp. The coiled power cable is also more like a telephone cord than a source of electricity.
Designer Michael Malmborg’s unique lighting fixture produces a soft white glow, since most of the light is reflected back into the frosted acrylic “acoustic” chamber.
“The fact is that most of the reflecting light bounces back into the box, making it glow, and doesn’t blind the spectator. The design however, has a much more dazzling effect.”

Extract from Lyx

Fostex GY-1 Speaker

August 1, 2007

Designed for use with portable media players and computers, this compact speaker from Fostex cranks reflects its sound waves all around you.

The Fostex GY-1 amplified speaker has a unique case design that looks kind of like the tip of a missile. By forcing sound downward against a tabletop, the speaker radiates a 360-degree soundfield so you don’t need multiple speakers. The cool blue LED glow coming from under the speaker makes it look like it’s floating on your table top.

Extract from Fostex

I-MU Vibro

July 22, 2007

The I-MU Vibro is another little speaker that uses vibration technology to turn any flat surface into a high quality audio speaker. Stick it on your desk, fridge, floor, cupboard, car bonnet, whatever, and prepare to be amazed. But if you want sometime less sausage like, maybe you can try the Vibra Sounder instead…

Extract from firebox