iPod Nano Video & FM

September 10, 2009

Finally, FM in an apple! Nano now comes with FM radio built-in as well as a feature called Live Pause. This is similar to time-shifting found in digital video recorders and is achieved by recording live radio once you hit pause, so you can go right back to where you left off.

Another significance is a camera added to the iPod nano. This records video at VGA (640 x 480) resolution in H.264 format.
The new iPod nano will cost S$228 and S$288 for the 8GB and 16GB versions.

Extract from Apple Sg

Nokia 5030

March 13, 2009

“Nokia 5030 is the company’s first phone with an internal FM radio antenna, which eliminates the need for a headset or external speakers. The one touch FM radio and channel selection keys on the side of the device ensure the product lives up to its XpressRadio name. Placed sideways on the table, the Nokia 5030 doubles as a portable FM radio and is ideal for emerging markets, where people rely on a radio as their main source of entertainment and news. The Nokia 5030 has up to a day of listening time and 10 hours of talk time, which comes to life with the powerful loudspeaker, and is available in two colors – graphite and red. ”

Extract from Nokia Press Release

White Fruit Radio

December 14, 2008

“White Fruit is made of sycamore for its acoustic properties and an LED substrate is hidden beneath the thin surface. The ridges on the top of the radio control volume and station tuning. Simply rub your finger across and watch the LED substrate to see channels change dynamically. The experience is tactile and the fact that the radio is made from high quality wood usually reserved for orchestral string instruments means you get superb sound.”

Extract from Yanko Design

Log Radio and Log Clock

October 3, 2008

Many clocks or radios on one plank which you have to cut off as much as you want to buy, just like a bunch of bananas… Involving the user in production process gives every product a unique and personal final touch. It was awarded at DMY International Design Festival 2008 – Jury’s favourite selection.

Extract from Gogo

Bic Disposable Phone

August 14, 2008

When I hear the name Bic, cheap pens come to mind. Now Bic, in partnership with the mobile operator Orange, it has just launched a rechargable ‘disposable’ mobile that has been loaded with the SIM card and 60 minutes of talktime, which should be used in up to 2 months.

The design is not all that great (hardware by Alcatel) but what do you expect from a disposable and its main and only functions are to make and receive calls, and listen to radio. It comes in two colors (green lemon and orange) and the number that comes with the unit is valid for only 12 months.
Good when on the run or for that day when you left your phone at home…

Extract from comunicadores

Aivan Radio

July 6, 2008

Like a precision calliper tool, Aivan Radio lets you find the station you want by sliding the entire radio up and down the scale. Refreshing…

Extract from Yanko Design

MagPul FMG-9 prototype folding 9mm Parabellum (9x19mm NATO ) mini / micro-submachine gun utilizes a Glock 17 slide and any factory Glock 9mm magazine, including 30-33-round Glock 18 mags. In it’s closed position, MagPul FMG-9 is designed to look something like a portable radio, and incorporates a detachable tactical white light.

Extract from Defense Review

Sony Ericsson R306i

February 12, 2008

Looking like a high tech screen smacked into an analogue radio, SE has designed a radio with a built-in phone. Placed horizontally on a table, the R306 not only looks like a radio – it sounds the part too. It has a 5MB built-in memory, 1.3MP camera, WAP2 XHTML and bluetooth.

Extract from SE R306i

Donut FM Radio

August 13, 2007


Turn the inside wheel on the Donut FM Radio counter-clock to turn the radio on and watch the blue light slowly fade up. The inside wheel controls the volume. The Donut FM Radio measures 4.7 inches in diameter and runs on one AA battery.

Extract from thedesigntown

BeoSound 3 is a portable, personal music player that delivers astounding sound. Powered by a rechargeable battery, there are no cables or plugs – just the incredible sound from FM radio or music files on SD memory cards. There are no visible buttons along the brushed anodised aluminium surface of BeoSound 3. Instead, soft-touch operation along with an aerial antenna that appears from nowhere adds a touch of magic to the BeoSound 3 experience. The oversized handle ensures easy carrying and combines with a specially developed bracket for wall mounting.

Extract from B&O