Sony Walkman NWZ-X1050

March 23, 2009

Sony new range of walkmans that are touch screens finally. The above is a 32GB version with 432 x 240 pixels OLED and has battery life of 33 hours for audio and 9 hours for videos between charging. It has WiFi and plays music, video, photo, FM, Podcast and browses the internet.

Extract from  SonyStyle

Sony Ericsson Ai… W880i

December 15, 2006

Sony Ericsson Ai the concept has resurfaced in a stainless steel candy bar look and renamed W880i… Looks like it can kill, looks painful! I don’t feel inpressed anymore. Nice slim machine yes? Bagged with Picture blogging; PictBridge; Face warp application; flight mode; IM; full HTML browser with RSS; USB mass storage; PC synchronization; 3G

Updated 060207

Extract from Mobile Metalism, CNET Asia

DoCoMo announced SE SO903i a FOMA 3G mobile with a QVGA display using the same Reality MAX technology enclosed in the BRAVIA HD TVs. The phone has a MP3 player with 1GB of memory. Even for this, Sony offers what’s best with VME (Virtual Mobile Engine), and the Stamina mode which allows almost 45 hours of running time in walkman mode. There’s also a 3.2Mpix camera with image stabilizer. The phone measures 50x20x106 and weights 125g.

Another thing I was inpressed with was the ‘live calendar’ which is more useful than the nokia lifeblog. The calendar have popups that show the pictures you took and past messages or mails, together with your schedules. Power.

And when you flip it open, you can make phone calls. The japanese always get the best, 6 months in advance. The rest of the world is obsolete.

Extract from Sony Ericsson Japan

Together with the new network walkman series, Sony also launch a number of stereo bluetooth accessories from headphones, to transmitter/receiver to speakers…

This Bluetooth 2.0 speaker (¥14,000/USD117) receives signal from your portable media players or mobile phones, with output of 6W, it loaded with a digital amplifier to give a  powerful & clear 15hr playback. To get the new walkman series to work with the speaker, you can get the WLA-NWB1 (¥7,000/USD59) Bluetooth adapter, or the HWS-BTA2W (¥8,000/USD67) transmitter/receiver to connect to your PC or any other devices.

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Sony’s NW-S700/600 series

October 12, 2006

More walkmans from Sony. Looks like the same in colour and material scheme as the one I posted for the SE Z610i and the Sony NW-S205 . To be launched 21 October, the higher end NW-S700 versions consisting of Black, Violet, Gold, Pink, has FM tuner, Noise cancelling, Color organic EL, 50 hour continual playbacks, Direct sound recording, USB bus power charge, and are priced from 18000 Yen for 1Gb to 29000 Yen for 4Gb.

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Reaching Singapore shore last weekend with W710i, the W850i Walkman® phone ooze details of Japanese versions of SE designs. Compare this with other SE phones for the European market, and you will see this one stands out on its own. It probably got lost… functions are standards, 2megapixels cam, 3G, radio… except for one feature. They have a system called TrackID™ which helps you find out the title, album and artist of the song that you hear on radio. Just record a few seconds of a song through the microphone or built-in FM radio. The sample is sent to a music database, and once the song is recognised, the title, album and artist name are sent back to you. Seems to be a standard feature in the walkman series.

and nice accessory to go with it…

Extract from Sony Ericsson

The W710i Walkman® phone finally arrived at Singapore shores last weekend. It is built for an active lifestyle. Keep the beat, keep in touch, stay on the go – the W710i is the perfect companion to keep you moving in style.

Inside the W710i is a motion sensor. Based on the movements the sensor detects, the fitness application measures time, speed and distance when you run and the device is strapped to your arm. It also includes a step counter for walking. Your results are stored in your phone so you can monitor your progress. The phone comes with performance graphite rubber trimming or hatha violet.

For the less sporty, this phone has a cousin, the Z710i, in a more stylish, classy design. In twilight black or metallic sand, it strangely looks a bit naked from the front without the rubber trim… and over detailed…

I prefer the sports…

Extracted from Sony Ericsson

An old video of Ross Lovegrove, an industrial designer, best known for his work on the Sony Walkman and Apple iMac. In this highly visual presentation, he presents his work—from furniture to water bottles—which is organic in form and inspired by nature.

…and car on a stick!…

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Sony Ericsson W950i

September 24, 2006


I thought this would be my dream phone… not!

I always thought the keypad was a touch sensitive one since it being flush and buttonless, and it might be a feat trying not to key in the wrong numbers and text… My curiosity was answered at the Singapore CommunicAsia 2006 a few months back. There are actually tag switches/ buttons under the surface… Suppose to be a walkman phone, it has no camera, but big screen it has , Symbian UIQ OS it uses, 4GB of flash memory it carries and slim it is… about SGD450 claimed the guy there…

why it isn’t my dream phone? Well, I got too attached to the camera on my mobiles…

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