JVC Sound Garden Concept

November 5, 2008

JVC created modular multi-directional speakers and subwoofer powered by an internal amplifier. It’s also made of totally renewable, sustainable materials as summarily represented by the cute little bonsai.

Extract from Yanko Design

AMP Universal Speaker

October 6, 2007


AMP is a universal active speaker for Ipod or laptops. The AMP refers to the time before transistor radios. Back then, radios looked like giant pieces of furniture, since it took a lot of space to put all the technology needed.

The AMP is equipped with a mosfet amplifier and a 3-way speaker cone-set. The audio jack ensures the freedom to connect any portable music device whatsoever.
Since it’s so big, it can become a table too.

Extract from Pieter Maes

Paper Ceramic Loudspeakers

September 26, 2007

Thin paper ceramic loudspeakers made from discarded musical scores and clay to satisfy that need to propagate and share your music.

Singaporean Yong Jieyu’s ceramic paper speakers (actually, they’re less speaker than amplifier) are made from clay, one of the best materials for sound amplification thanks to its low sound absorbent coefficiency &mdash and recycled music scores. Place your earphone inside each “speaker” and your tunes can be heard by all.
The speakers are just a part of the research project into Noise/Sound that he is doing as part of his Masters degree at the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

Extract from Jieyu Design

Fostex GY-1 Speaker

August 1, 2007

Designed for use with portable media players and computers, this compact speaker from Fostex cranks reflects its sound waves all around you.

The Fostex GY-1 amplified speaker has a unique case design that looks kind of like the tip of a missile. By forcing sound downward against a tabletop, the speaker radiates a 360-degree soundfield so you don’t need multiple speakers. The cool blue LED glow coming from under the speaker makes it look like it’s floating on your table top.

Extract from Fostex

Phonofonics II

July 14, 2007


The Phonofonics II looks more like a futuristic Vinyl player designed by Apple. However the Gramophone uses passive amplification to transform any personal music player + earbuds into a sculptural audio console. Without the use of external power or batteries, the Phonofone inventively exploits the virtues of horn acoustics to boost the audio output of standard earphones to up to 55 decibles which is roughly the maximum volume of laptop speakers.


Upon connecting active earphones to the Phonofone their trebly buzzing is instantly and profoundly transformed into a warm, rich and resonant sound.

Extract from NewLaunches