Silver Diamond Ring

July 26, 2009

A diamond made of silver? This is an archetypal claw-set solitaire ring with a solid silver ‘cut diamond’ piece. Still as classy.

Extract from Artabase

“With a gentle yet firm outward pull from both sides, the ring opens to reveal the diamond.  With light pressure from both sides, it shuts with a positive and audible click.  When closed the ring feels solid and secure.”

Extract from John Welden

Birds and Nest Ring

May 20, 2009

Two birds look over their pearl egg. The birds stick up approximately 0.7cm from the band of the ring. Do not play sports with this ring on…

Extract from Alex Monroe

Inner Message

April 5, 2009

“A few years ago a Korean singer wrote a song about the sunburn mark that he found on his finger after he broke up with his girlfriend and removed a ring he had been wearing for a long time. This is the story that inspired Jungyun Yoon to make ‘Inner message’, a ring with hidden letters on the inside. Inner message is a ring that leaves an impression on the finger.

Imagine that your lover giving you a ring that on the surface seems plain, but later when you take the ring off; it says, “Marry me.” Or imagine that even though you take off the ring to clean your hands you are still wearing an impression of the words, ’always’.”

Extract from JungYun Yoon

Divorce Jewellery

December 24, 2008

Happy moment are celebrated with jewellery, but Gisele Ganne wanted to celebrate the sad moments which are also part of our life.

Extract from Wallpaper*

Growing Jewelry

September 9, 2008

“Growing Jewelry is a redefinition of modern values. It is a clash of jewelry an gardening; couture and organism. The collection of this hand jewelry is designed for people in metropolitan cities and is an experiment in drawing nature toward man, as nature being the presupposition of life.”

Extract from Hafsteinn Juliusson

Ring Sight

August 26, 2008

I have never ever thought of bad aiming a rubber band to be a problem to be solved.
Increase your handguns aim with a ring sight.

Extract from as well as