Utili-Key 6-in-1 Tool

July 10, 2008

The lightest, most compact multiple tool ever developed! Easily closes to attach to any key ring, making it very easy to carry. This multi tool consist of a semi-serrated knife blade, a micro flat and a phillips head screwdriver, an eyeglass screwdriver and a bottle opener. Cool!

Extract from ThinkGeek

The Love Inside No 1 is a ring made of sterling silver and paper with little love stories written on them so u can carry little stories of love with you all day.

“I Miss You’ is a sterling silver ring individually handmade with a custom made stamp… little traces of love left behind.

Extract from Etsy

Constant Garden

June 3, 2008

Constant Garden plays sound all day long to soothe your nerves and also act as a secretary by helping you keep up with appointments. It’s designed in rubber, and each of pod holds a ear phone that also lights up.

Extract from Vitorio Benedetti

Flute Handles

June 3, 2008

Flute Handles reproduced the sound of a flute or an ocarina through the air rushing inside. An innovative idea for all those who love to listen to music rather than a honk or ring on their bicycle.

Extract from fubiz

Oakley iPhone® Case

May 24, 2008

I must get myself an iPhone… or maybe i will get this first before the iPhone comes to Singapore…
“It’s your portal to the universe, so give it the protection it deserves. We crafted Unobtainium® rubber into a durable sure-grip design that helps protect your iPhone® from life’s abuse. The side has an open face for the screen, and the case geometry gives you full access to cord connections and controls. If you’re ready to go mobile with some style, this is the case you’ve been looking for.”

Extract from Oakley

The jewelery designer OctopusMe casts real shells, starfish, octopus tentacles, and other objects in silver and inlays them with precious stones.
Looks so raw…

Extract from Etsy

TOPlay Earphones

February 28, 2008

Attached to the ear lobe by a magnetic clip, the TOPlay goes easy on your hearing. Nothing is inserted into the auditory canal and the audio pressure is reduced 30 fold. And you can hear important environmental sounds: Announcements at the airport and railway station, warning signals on the road, … and you can talk even while you’re listening to music. And just like In-Ear-phones, fellow travellers are not inconvenienced. Perfect when driving a car or riding a bike, in the train or on an airplane.

Extract from Pro-Idee

Gotochi Dissection Animals

February 19, 2008

This is the best educational hanging thingy I have seen for a very long time. I will buy all of these at a wimp… it even has a guide to tell you are about the different parts of the animal. So much easier to remember than a biology textbook.

Extract from asunaro

Sennheiser has introduced the industry’s first true wireless stereo earphones based on Kleer’s wireless audio technology. Sennheiser’s new MX W1 wireless earphones deliver crystal-clear CD-quality stereo sound, in addition to providing extremely high noise immunity in the crowded 2.4 GHz band environment.

The MX W1 is comprised of two sleek ear pieces (untethered right and left earphones) featuring Sennheiser’s ‘twist-to-fit’ system to ensure a secure and comfortable fit in each ear. Kleer’s 5x -10x power advantage over Bluetooth has enabled Sennheiser to use the smallest rechargeable coin cell battery in the world, thus facilitating a compact, ergonomically pleasing industrial design that consumers demand.

Extract from Sennheiser

I always think the Polycom pictured below was an amazing design… but technology wise… it seems to be inert. I thought today the Callpod Phoenix Bluetooth® mobile conferencing system and Dragon™ Bluetooth® headsets to be the future of conference and wireless calls.

The Phoenix™ is a patented Bluetooth® mobile conferencing system which connects 5 Bluetooth® headsets together so when you make a call, all five participants will be speaking in full duplex with the party of the other end. It also supports push-to-talk communication between participants, making it an ideal communications system for retail and restaurants.

Dragon™ is a 100+ meter range Bluetooth® headset that allows you to roam around your office or home without having to carry your phone. Advanced dual-microphone noise suppression gives callers a crystal clear conversation even if you are at an airport, noisy restaurant or car.

The Polycom SoundStation still look the prettier one…

Extract from Callpod