Key for Two in One

September 20, 2007

This key(s) makes so much sense but of course its hard to fabricate one since you never have 2 different keys for different purposes given to you at the same time, or maybe you do. Cut off the two heads and stuck it in a rubber piece. Great idea.


This key(s) can be twisted so it can be used.

Extracted from michal shabtiali

Move Personal Objects

March 6, 2007

For design lovers “on the move”. Rikke Hagen and Marianne Britt Jørgensen have designed the products – key rings, money clips, card holders and pill boxes – for the intense pace of modern life. Keep your money, cards and keys in order with a series of personal objects designed without excessive detail.

I like the Tube keyhanger very much…

Extract from norman copenhagen


Stick-a-knife-in-the-pirate’s-barrel is one of those classic children’s games that every kid plays in the 70s… The idea is to try not to make the pirate pop out when you stab him on your turn (you go around the room, taking turns stabbing him). This camouflage-print cell phone strap version of the game, with matching knives that also attach to your phone so they don’t get lost. They come in four different colors. The keychain version even comes with a little coffin for your dead pirate.

Extract from Rakuten


While looking at the street lifes in Ladies Market, Hong Kong 4 days ago, I found these solar powered LCD keychains. These cool keychains really catch my eyes among the other common objects you will find in any street markets. Priced from HKD25 to as low as HKD10, they range from flashing brands to cartoon characters.

Searching online, I found that they can last approximately 10years and are apparently customisable… I am still trying to figure out how on mine… Some sites even claim that they can do multiple custom changes and clocks… great new ways for companies’ advertising, doorgifts, fashion accessories and cheaper LCD portable photo albums too compare to the Nokia Medallion below.