iLuv i202 Bluetooth headsets

November 10, 2006

The iLuv i202 Stereo Ear Clips feature a folding, swivel design and clip directly to the ear. The ear clips have integrated remote control function(Play/Pause/Skip/Volume Controls) and come with a dongle-style Bluetooth audio adapter. The i202 features a 200 hour standby time and will seamlessly switch between music and incoming calls with up to 13-hours of talk time or 14-hours of stereo audio before needing to pull a charge over the included USB power adapter

Its wireless… I mean its really really wireless…. not even between the 2 earpieces!!! I LOVE iLUV!!!

Update (201206): The site shows what seems to be a cable fading away by photoshopped… so it not 100% wireless as I thought… I no love iLUV already…

Extract from iLounge

Bose® In-Ear Headphones

October 25, 2006

Sennheiser goes mainstream, now Bose too with its In-Ear Headphones. Like its home entertainment speaker system, the headphones looked understated but carries with it a full, rich sound with distinct clarity and warmth. Bose research and engineering are at the core of the remarkable performance of Bose in-ear headphones. They incorporate their proprietary TriPort® acoustic headphone structure, for greater low-frequency output from a small headphone. This technology creates a more balanced, lifelike sound, with more range, realism and clarity than commonly found with conventional earbuds.

At USD99.95, its priced like its speaker systems, expensive.

Extract from Bose

Sennheiser goes mainstream

September 8, 2006

the side of Sennheiser that i have never seen before… i have always associate it with big headphones… or am i just a mountain tortoise?

Sennheiser has launched three new portable headphone product lines for Street, Sport and Style. Featuring 14 exciting new products that stand out with their superb sound, contemporary design and innovative fitting systems (or so it claims).

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