Menu’s Wine Rack

May 18, 2008

Store your wine on the wall and enjoy the sight of the stylish bottles.  Designer Jakob Wagner was inspired by the coiled and branching grapevines, the mother of all wines. And it certainly takes on a fascinating appearance, as the bottles seemingly waft a few centimetres from the wall.
Comes in fibreglass-reinforced nylon, coated in synthetic black rubber or high lustre aluminium.

Extract from menu

Wine Vac™ lets you enjoy a glass or two of a special wine, then keep what remains for the next few days, with little loss of flavor. When you place the pump on your bottle it will automatically seal and tell you when it’s complete. There’s also a thermometer for the wine and some recommendations for what temperature is best for your fine bottle of wine.

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Ming Oil & Vinegar Set

April 1, 2007

The set looks like an upside-down pair of wine glasses but removable “bases” reveal that these are actually oil and vinegar cruets. The set sells for USD28 and comes with a special brush for cleaning those “stems”.

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Hardy Shuttle

December 20, 2006

Hardy Wines has launched the Shuttle, which “features a 187ml (single serve) acrylic wine bottle securely sealed by its own acrylic wine glass. The tamper-proof bottle is opened by a simple twist-top action, which also releases the glass in which the wine is poured.”

Extract from Hardywines