Vegetables 3D

July 28, 2009

The vegetable 3D  are organic products such as a bowl, a vase, plates, made from a variety of 100% dried vegetables and fruits. All the materials are fully eatable, 100% biological disposable and tasty.

It is recommended for use indoors. When the material is in a high-humidity environment, the material becomes weaker and more flexible. In a constant high-humid environment, or when the material gets wet, the material will perish thus not suitable for places like Singapore.

I can imagine it being used for picnics and home buffets, less waste, more food.

Extract from Geke Wouters

Vegetable Twister

November 4, 2007


Cucumber, potatoes, radish and many other types of vegetables are transformed into endless spirals and spaghetti. The selected vegetable is slipped on the twister screw and afterwards screwed in either the slicing attachment “spiral” or “spaghetti” as desired. By choosing a flat thread, even hard types of vegetables can be twisted through the Vegetable Twister.

A relief design of both slicing attachments, together with integrated openings, produces a highly decorative and distinctive effect.

Extract from Yanko Design


Peel a banana, unzip an orange or shuck an ear of corn-just like the real thing! Made of durable, easy to clean vinyl, these realistic produce open through a variety of clever methods to reveal their insides. Now your kids can grow up knowing how to feed themselves… that is if they don’t assume the real fruits come with zips… they even have breads with pictures…

Extract from Dimples and Dandelions