Christmas Coke Bottles

December 25, 2008

Looks like christmas tree ornaments… bombs… toys… imagine the potential this can have…

Merry Christmas!

Extract from Laughing Squid

Coca-Cola Zero Zero 7

September 18, 2008

Coca-Cola UK has struck a promotion deal with Sony Entertainment that links Coca-Cola Zero with ‘Quantum of Solace’, the next Bond movie. Coca-cola zero will be launching a special limited edition package of coca-cola zero under the name ‘Coca-Cola Zero Zero 7’ as a reference to Bond’s 007 codename. “The new, edgier Bond persona is the ultimate embodiment of the Coke Zero brand personality, and is expected to deepen the brand’s engagement with its core target audience of 20-something men,” said Brand Director of Coca-Cola Great Britain.

Extract from FOODBEV

These are 11inch tall desktop toys which feauture the regular as well as the black Coke Zero vending machine robots. The toys feature bendy arms and have a little coin slot for saving up your loose changes. So cool… they even have the real thing terrorising people in the streets…

Extract from livegrids


You get what you asked for. In Singapore, the stressed up and depressed locals or just plain Brain lazy like me, when asked about what we want to drink, we would say “anything” or “chin chai”… Those who has a bad attitude or just don’t have a care would go “whatever”.

Now we get what we wanted, from the company Out of the Box (a golf specific media company turn beverage company came up with these 2 drinks and with some really funny advertising too.

Anything is carbonated and is made in six flavours: Cola, Cola with Lemon, Apple, Fizz Up, Cloudy Lemon and Root Beer.
Whatever is non-carbonated and is made in six flavours: Ice Lemon Tea, Peach Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, White Grape Tea, Apple Tea and Chrysanthemum Tea.

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Update 200607: My other half proved me wrong the other day.. I had the perception the drinks were a mixed up mess but she actually looked at the ingredient and behold… same cans, different flavors… so if you are not in the mood to choose, just take anything or whatever… but if you suddenly have some urge or preference, then do look at the ingredient printed on the cans before buying… so far I have tried Fizz up and Chrysanthemum Tea…