Random pic of the week

September 22, 2008

Fragile candy sends a sharp message. I taste good but I’m also bad for you.
Or does it give the wrong information? Try putting a piece of glass in your mouth, maybe it taste the same.

Extract from Yanko Design

Gumnetic Bubblegum Bin

September 24, 2007


Made from recycled chewing gum too! A street side bin specially designed for the disposal of the gum. Anna Bullus won with her ‘Gumnetic Bin’ the British Councils National Design Award for 2007.

A whole new material from chewing gum and bio resin that has unique properties and characteristics some of which enable the formation of this product. The product offers a unique and practical solution to a widespread problem housed within an innovative sustainable process; the bin itself collects raw material in the form of discarded chewing gum from which to produce new bins.

Extract from Anna Bullus

Gumnetic Chewy Pad

September 23, 2007

This cushion is made from mixture of recycled chewing gum and bio resin. Varying ratios of the mixture enable different material characteristics to be achieved. This Chewy Pad takes on the charcteristics of memory foam and is designed to provoke sustainable and educational opportunities when it comes to the recycling of chewing gum.

Extract from Anna Bullus

Discovery Bubble Gum Factory

November 27, 2006

This Christmas buy your kid a bubble gum factory… maybe he or she will grow up to be the next Willy Wonka. It didn’t say how it works… probably mix latex with food flavoring and chew?

You’ll make it, flavor it, color it, shape it and wrap it. Share it with your friends or chew it all yourself; it’s your gum after all! You can make sour gum, color-change gum, spicy gum and even gooey center-filled gum – or try mixing the flavors to create a really unique taste. With 2 month manufacturer’s warranty. After 2 months you die?

Extract from Discovery Channel Store